What is ClickFunnels?

I was doing keyword research for writing about Clickfunnels review but I found one more keyword during the process “what is clickfunnels”.

I see a lot of people searching what is clickfunnels and I don’t blame you guys, this is an amazing software used by small to big companies & entrepreneurs, which many people don’t know about.

That’s why I gave it a thought to write about this first so that you can exactly know what it is & how it works.

What is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is a software which helps you to build sales funnels, founded by Russell Brunson in 2014 which became one of the most revolutionary online startup.

It’s not a website builder, It a sales funnel builders. Let’s say “Visitor X” want to buy something online, “Visitor X” visited your website which is promoting products, affiliate, courses or anything.

“Visitor X” is scrolling top to bottom & probably read the content if it’s good enough and went on other websites for more reviews. That has very less chances of getting sales from your page.

Even though you have provided “Visitor X” all the value but they didn’t took the action on your website and bought it from somewhere else & you lose your sale or commission.


It’s because your landing page didn’t hook “Visitor X”.

But how about “Visitor X” visits a website, where “Visitor X” found an engaging content with amazing graphics, responsive design & then “Visitor X” found out Flat 30% Discount Offer with Limited time, the only thing he/she has to do is drop their email id.

They will probably give their email id, and then they are sold. Even if “Visitor X” didn’t buy the products or services this time, you will probably end up buying from you some other day because you are in their email list and you know what “Visitor X” wants & his interest.

Now you know what I’m talking about. Let move to the next important question.

What is Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnels is a system that allows you to track the journey of a visitor from no idea to who you are to a loyal customer.

Why Sales Funnel is Important?

The ads prices are going up along with time, If your product costs $27 but to get the sale you are spending over $30. That doesn’t make sense. (You are losing $3)

You need to reduce the price of acquiring customers if you want to earn profits. Now, how you gonna do that?

Your ads budget can’t come down as there are always competitors who are willing to bid more to get better exposure.

That’s where Sales Funnel come in role.
You cannot reduce the ad spend but you can always start upselling products that they would most probably buy next. Brainstorm what your buyers would like to next.

Now you have pretty much idea of what sales funnels is, how it works & important.

What are the Features Of ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels have tons of features that will help you to grow your online business, no matter if you are selling services, courses, products and even if it’s paid traffic or organic traffic, that’s why I’m willing to break it down for you all.

ClickFunnels comes along with several amazing features. While using this, I came across such all these factors and today I am going to share about all those features. So stay tuned with me and check out below.

1. Create Any Type of Sales Funnel with Funnel Template Blueprints

Is this your first time in creating sales funnel? If yes, Click Funnels got your covered. There are 22 different types of funnels that Russell has successfully installed in his own business.

– Auto Webinar Funnel
– Reverse Squeeze Sales Funnel
– Application Funnel
– Membership Funnel
– Cancellation Funnel
– Storefront Funnel
– Product Launch Funnel
– Home Page Funnel
– Webinar Funnel
– Hero Funnel
– Live Demo Funnel
– Daily Deal Funnel
– Survey Funnel
– Ask Campaign Funnel
– Summit Funnel
– Video Sales Letter Funnel
– Sales Letter Funnel
– Lead Magnet Funnel
– 2 Step Tripwire Funnel
– Invisible Funnel
– Bridge Funnel
– Squeeze Sales Funnel
and a lot more.

I found that the funnel forms have 3 primary categories including Sales Page Funnels, Lead Capture Funnels, and Event Funnels. However, there are some special funnels such as Membership funnels which you can create.

I found simple funnels such as Squeeze Page Funnel that helped me gather visitor’s email addresses. It further helps me in sending them into a Thank You page after registration is done. The 2-Step TripWire Funnel helps in selling low ticket front end products. Well! Let me give you a high-level overview of how you can create a first sales funnel:

a) Select the funnel type.

b) Choose the template.

c) Now, customize the pages to fit your business accordingly.

d) Add all the products and ensure you have integrated your payment and email properly.

e) Once everything is done, set the domain name of your new funnel.

f) Now, simply save the funnel.

After you do all the process, then your funnel is live and thus, you can start sending traffic to the live funnel at any time.

In case, you are looking forward to increasing your cart value, add pages that come with extra services or products to the buyers once the buying process is done. I found that there is no need to go through the entire checkout process. With the One-Click option, the ClickFunnels could add any upsell to their purchase.

2. Nice Selection Of Page Elements

One of the most essential features to have in a funnel is a good collection of elements or widgets. Having nice widgets will help you in giving the flexibility to design specific pages of your choice. With ClickFunnels, you can have a huge array of them to select and use.

Let me tell you about some of the basic elements such as Image, Button, Headline, Input Types, Text, and Video Widgets. I feel you need these basic building blocks in case you want to build a landing page of the software you construct.

Here are some of the advanced elements or widgets of the ClickFunnels such as:

– SMS Signup

– FAQ Blocks

– Surveys

– Facebook Comments

– Pricing Tables

– Custom HTML

– Progress Bars

– Countdown Timers

You will also find some of the specialized elements such as membership pages, order as well as shipping form widgets for your order pages. I found that each of the widgets can be customized from the editor sidebar. In fact, with most of the widgets, I could alter some of the common properties such as margins, orientation, background colors, and fonts.

Apart from this, you will see element-specific attributes as well. For example, the button text of your button, or image URL for the Image element. You can use any element and make changes using the existing HTML code. If you are willing to have a visually pleasing spacing, then you can adjust spacing surrounding an element. 

Moreover, I found that with ClickFunnels, it is quite easy to create an order form. Yes! Now you can easily create a hassle-free, non-confusing checkout process for your buyers. This will reduce cart abandonment. You have the facility to choose between the special 2 step order form or the traditional style order form. It allows you to capture all the lead information as a result you can even market to the ones who abandon their cart.

Moreover, I like how I could easily add instant order bumps so as to add-on the impulse purchases. This will surely boost profits. Thus, I feel ClickFunnels is a great way to boost your marketing career.

3. Good Visual Drag And Drop Editor

The most amazing part of having ClickFunnels is not only a great starting point but having an editor. With a professional editing tool, then the ClickFunnels is the best place for making each page customized to your own funnel.

There are multiple sections is the pages that come with the entire set o columns and rows. If you want to see the elements, you can simply drag them with the help of your mouse and place them according to the needs.

To be fair, I have compared the ClickFunnels with multiple other landing page editors and it seemed to be quite a hefty choice. The one thing that has impressed me the most is the option of selecting elements and then placing them on the page and at any place.

However, this is not all that will impress you about the editor. It allowed me to edit the in-line text elements freely and I could even change the properties of the sidebar. So navigating according to the tools required is just like a piece of cake. But the one thing that will impress you the most is that ClickFunnels does not require any advanced knowledge of programming at all. Everything is present in a logical way and it seems to be done in minutes.

If you are wondering how to create membership areas, then with ClickFunnels you can now do it easily. Having a member’s page will allow you to host subscription content or your training materials.

Using this, you can allow your customers to create a login and then get instant access to all the content posted. In fact, it can be drip and fed to them according to your schedule. The best part of having the ClickFunnels membership area is that you don’t require to opt for any 3rd part Learning Management Software and no other tool.

4. Easy Capturing Leads Inside Of ClickFunnels

I think you are quite aware of the fact that if someone gives you their email address, they want to join your list. This is because they want you to follow them up later. Now with ClickFunnels, you have two way to do that:

a) Follow Up Funnels

It is basically a tool inside the ClickFunnels that gives you access to create powerful yet simple follow-up funnels. I find them better than the rest remain autoresponder. You can schedule, create, and deliver email sequences using this tool like any other regular email responder. But, the Follow-Up Funnels offer you much more. You can directly speak to any individual client based on their information such as- who they are? What they have purchased and how recently? Where are they located? What actions they would like to take inside the funnel? etc.

This way you can resonate with an individual by creating a follow-up funnel and boost your sales and conversions. There is no need for you to speak to your users with just ONE generic message.

b) Automation Tab

Automation Tab is a great feature that ClickFunnels offers you with. With the help of this, you can easily now connect email messages and sequences in order to reconnect with the audience.

You will have access to the Automation Tab inside the funnel. Thus, you can create short email sequences so as to gain sales. With this feature, you can even create email notifications that will let you know in case, anybody is interested in buying something from you.

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