Top 10 E-Commerce Sites in Mexico 2020


Mexico has one of the largest e-commerce markets among all other countries of Latin America. 88 million people are users of internet in this country. But this number accounts for only 67 percent of the total population of Mexico. E-commerce sector therefore, has a long way to go. 

Currently majority of the population have a medium level of income which implies there is a lot of potential for economic growth as more and more people start using the internet and engage in the online activities. If the wealth of the country grows then the e-commerce sector will also see improvement. The people who are online are said to be well versed with shopping on e-commerce sites. 60 percent of the internet users of Mexico made online purchases within first 3 months of the year 2018 according to a report by the Mexican Internet Association. 

The country has full potential to uplift the e-commerce market if the digital literacy of people is combined with improvements in logistics, financial inclusion and internet connectivity. E-commerce market of Mexico can have a value of 21 billion USD according to report by Mexican Internet Association in 2017. If mobile commerce in Mexico is paid attention to then it will make up 31 percent of the purchases made online. 

The e-commerce sector is dominated by US based sites and there are very few Mexico based sites. In this article we will see the top ten e-commerce sites of Mexico that are dominating the market.

Top 10 Mexicon E-Commerce Platforms 


Mercado Libre

This site was created by an Argentinian company of e-commerce and electronic payments having the same name as the site. With more than 170 million consumers, Mercado Libre has a strong hold on the e-commerce market of Latin America. The number of monthly visitors to this site is around 127.64 million. 

This site is like a supermarket where you can get all possible items. The categories included are fashion, home, technology, automotive, personal care, beauty and many more. Other than Mexico this company operates in 15 other nations. It has the highest number of users among all other sites in Latin America. This site has a secured payment system called MercadoPago. Through this system consumers can make payments in different ways. 

User interface is attractive and items are categorised well making navigation easy. Using the search bar you can look for a specific product. 

Amazon Mexico

This is a US based brand which has the highest rank among all other US based e-commerce websites. It was started in the 90s and within a very short span of time it crossed the borders and expanded the business in many other countries worldwide. In the Mexican online sector this company is a powerful one. 

The estimated number of monthly visitors of this site is 63.76 million. This site is popular for the wide range of items that it offers in different categories. Mexican consumers depend on this site for items in electronics and technology category. Next is the software and games category which has the most number of consumers. Amazon also provides digital products like ebooks, Amazon Music, Prime video, and many more. 

Walmart Mexico

It is the largest retail organization on this globe and in Mexico the site is the largest online departmental store. The site has been active in the country since 1993 and there are multiple in-stores of this company known as Walmart de Mexico.

Since its introduction in the e-commerce sector, the site has been one of the most popular online stores for the people of Mexico. The site offers items in three categories which are home and appliances, electronics and supermarket. Under these three super categories are the sub-categories of grocery, fashion, pharmaceuticals and many other items. 

It has simple and clean interface. It has a search box, the call center number and the best deals, all on the homepage. 


This brand is one of the few Mexico based companies. This chain of departmental store was launched in the country in 1941. The company still has brick and mortar stores. There are more than 20 stores across Mexico. Its online presence is also powerful and the site gives tough competition to the rival American e-commerce websites operating in the country. 

With a wide range of items in multiple categories it is a megamarket both online and in stores. The available categories are home, electronics, travel. Automotive, furniture, fashion, sports to name a few. An intuitive user interface attracts many users to this site. The homepage displays the latest products released and the discounts available on different categories. The site has around 23.21 million monthly visitors. It is one of the most popular brands in the country serving the people for a long time now. 


This is a retail company which has a chain of departmental stores across the nation. Along with the brick and mortar stores it also has a successful online store. The estimated monthly visitors of this site are 21.81 million. 

The brand is owned and managed by El Puerto de Liverpool Limited. It has been giving stiff competition to the American rival brands like Walmart. The site offers items in home, wines, trips and experiences. The products are also sorted by Men, Women, Babies and Children. This makes it easy to look for an item. It has a colorful and attractive design of the interface. The search bar is there for you to find a specific product. The ongoing discounts are also displayed on the homepage. Such services provided by the site makes it a popular shopping site among the Mexicans.

Sam’s Club

The number of monthly visitors to the site is around 6.9 million which way less the sites listed above. It is owned by Walmart and it is a chain of retail warehouse clubs for the American members only. The site comes under Sam’s West, Inc. Organization. This company has multiple brick and mortar stores and also an online store in both United States and Mexico. This again is a US based brand doing well in the Mexico market.

To get all the benefits provided by this site you need to be a member of the club. You can avail cash rewards, instant savings, free prescriptions and free shipping by taking up the Sam’s Club Plus membership. The site sells a wide range of items of home, groceries, electronics, automotive, accessories and many other categories. The site has a well organized interface where you can see the special offers, the popular products and best prices of few items. It is known for selling goods in wholesale rates. They also deliver fresh groceries at your doorstep on a daily basis. The site also has a good customer support. But the site has a fewer users as compared to other American sites because of the membership that is needed. 

Home Depot Mexico

This site has around 6.45 million visitors on a monthly basis. This is also an American brand which is an extension of the American Home Depot. American Home Depot is a known brand in the United States for being the retailer who sells the most extensive hardware and other home improvement equipment. 

This brand is not only popular in the US, but holds a strong position in the e-commerce markets of Canada and Mexico. Like most other American brands, Home Depot Mexico has also managed to be on the list of top ten e-commerce sites of Mexico for a long time now. The brand has multiple brick and mortar stores spread across the country. On this site you can order for some good quality home supplies for the bathrooms and yards. The site also offers items in the categories of décor, electrical, tools, hardware, lighting and many more. 

You can get your items delivered for free if you order for an amount greater than specified on the site. The site also provides the opening and closing times of the brick and mortar stores. The user interface of this site is not very attractive but contains the items in an organized manner to help you navigate easily through the contents. The search bar is also provided to help you look for a specific product.

Best Buy Mexico

This is an electronics retailer which is again a US based company. It is one of the largest brands selling electronics in the US and has been operating successfully in Canada and Mexico as well. The brand also sells its products in China via a subsidiary. 

On this site you can get all sorts of electronics for your home, computers, phones, tablets and many more similar items. There are various brick and mortar stores across Mexico selling all different categories of electronics. It is also a host of many other items. The first time you visit this site it displays the three countries, US, Canada and Mexico for you to choose. Once you choose a country the language of the site changes according to the audience. On the site you can get some exclusive items which are not available in the stores across the country. 

The user interface of the website looks decent and it is interactive. On the top of the home page you will receive information regarding the best deals and discounts available. Based on your previous buys the site will also recommend some similar products which can be useful for you. You can also get email notifications regarding the best offers and more so that you can catch the deal just in time. Their client services are also great and the site has a reward zone for the consumers. 

Sears Mexico

This is a departmental store chain which was founded in the US in the year 1947. There are more than 95 stores of this brand across Mexico with the brand’s headquarters in Mexico City. The website is owned and is being operated by Grupo Carso in the nation. The site has around 4.8 million visitors per month. 

Both the stores and the e-commerce site has been doing well in Mexico since it was launched. The product range offered on the site and in the stores is same as that available in the United States. The categories included are fashion, beauty, electronics and sports to name a few. The products are of high quality that most customers are satisfied with. The user interface is simple with all content on the homepage in a sorted manner. Products in the category of fashion is most popular on this site and is loved by the Mexicans. The items on this site are available at discounted prices which attracts a large number of consumers. By providing you email address you can get notifications about the special offers going on in the site and also in stores around you.

Ticketmaster Mexico

From the name we can guess that this site is known for its ticket sales. The company is a US based one that has been selling and distributing tickets since it was founded in the year 1976. After the company merged with Live Nation, it has expanded the business to 50 countries all around the globe. They have been producing live concerts and selling tickets in all these 50 nations successfully over the years. 

This site is the best in Mexico for purchasing tickets for all types of events. The site covers events like concerts, sports, family shows, theatre, art, broadway shows and many more. The user interface is really attractive and displays the ongoing and current events on the homepage. They even offer discounts on the ticket prices for multiple events. When it comes to ticket booking this site is the most preferred one by the Mexicans.

Future Of eCommerce in Mexico

Indeed, the future of eCommerce in Mexico seems to be very bright – there are consumers to buy the commodities the market has to supply, the people are financially capable to afford them as the living standards are sufficiently high, the entire country is connected through one mode of transport or the another –  Mexico is a place of rugged terrain and thus often roadways are not viable but the country has an intricate network of airways and a potent alternative form of transport in the form of railways, hence delivery of goods to the customer is hardly an issue. Hence, there certainly is space and scope for the growth of eCommerce platforms in the country.


There are multiple sites operating in the Mexican online market, but most of them are US based companies. In the list given above only two sites belong originally to the Mexicans. Reports have shown that there is ample potential for this market to grow in this nation and Mexican brands will soon become tough competitors of the American sites.

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