The Top 5 Plugins every SEO should use

Best Plugins every SEO should use0

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO has changed the game for the marketing industry. No business or brand can do without SEO today. More so, there are specialised agencies out there offering SEO services for a reason. If you haven’t yet, this is the right time to elevate your brand value. 

SEO is a method of augmenting your site or page to increase traction in relevant searches. In the context of the Internet, there is also a call for the vernacular through language-specific and region-specific websites. To cater to this advent, companies should seek out local SEO services. To help your business enterprise with SEO, there are several plugins available in the market.

Introducing Plugins

Laptops, tablets and desktops are already mighty and robust with their computing powers. But, at times, they need external help. This external help manifests through what is known as a plugin. A plugin is a software code that strengthens a program by providing it with additional powers. In simple words, plugins help applications perform functions that they could not do by themselves. These are software additions that render customisation of programs and browsers. An advent that caters to plugins is WordPress. A renowned blogging site, in reality, WordPress goes way beyond. It is known to power up to 4.5% of the Internet

Top Five Plugins for SEO

Each plugin offers a different function and purpose. And much depends on the browser, application and program. However, the five plugins that are a must-have and should form part of every business’s SEO strategy are below.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

A top-notch SEO tool in the market, AIOSEO is used by over 2 million people. It is a comprehensive tool that helps improve search rankings. The best part is it does not require businesses and brands to know any complicated SEO jargon. With that said, it is an excellent option for first-timers and beginners. 

The highlight of the plugin is its setup wizard that comes with built-in SEO settings for your business. What’s more, is its TruSEO on-page analysis feature that renders an actionable checklist for optimising posts and pages. This checklist allows companies to use dynamic values such as current year, month, day, custom fields and others. An advantage of having the tool is brands need not update their posts whilst changing their SEO titles. 


If you are someone who operates an online store, WooCommerce is an ideal bet for you. It is an open-source eCommerce plugin that allows you to customise every aspect of your online store to make it user-friendly and navigation-friendly. Plus, brands can build custom extensions with the utmost ease. With this one, standing out from the crowd is now easier than ever before. 

Another pro is it is incredibly SEO-friendly. It allows online stores to add themes, product images and descriptions, along with other content. Additionally, it forms part of the AIOSEO plugin that makes it an excellent way for eCommerce enterprises to elevate their product page, product image SEO and others. These features help businesses garner ecstatic levels of organic traffic to their online stores. 


SEMRush is another comprehensive tool that should make it to your SEO armoury. It is versatile, popular and go-to among professional SEO experts, marketers, bloggers and brands. It is among the best in the business for augmenting your website content. 

SEMRush helps businesses and brands to grow their traffic by providing rankings of organic keywords and search terms. Its advanced mechanics allow companies to perform competitive research into keywords and phrases used by competitors. What’s more, businesses can gain insights into overtaking their competition in this endeavour. An excellent selling proposition that holds the plugin in high ideals is the SEO Writing Assistant Tool. It helps businesses improve web content, along with beating the top ten results for the focus keyword. 


As the name suggests, Serpstat helps brands and businesses to increase their visibility in the SERPs or Search Engine Results Page. It is a free extension that helps companies conduct SEO analysis of a page. The plugin provides comprehensive data on keywords, traffic and page visibility. Also, businesses get the top ten keywords for which their page ranks at the top of the search results. 

A standout feature is that Serpstat comes with three tabs – Page Analysis, On-page SEO parameters and Domain analysis. The specific aspects that this plugin offers businesses are domain traffic, domain visibility trend for a year. Also, it provides a quantitative metric of results on Google and a quantitative metric of images on Google Image Search. Additionally, the plugin offers Alexa Rank, speed, the start date for the site, meta tags. A highlight is it provides the number of shares on the social media networks of Facebook and Pinterest. 


Yet another burgeoning SEO plugin is the one offered by Hubspot. The plugin provides built-in analytics for all the marketing performance. It is an exceptional way for brands to gauge the effectiveness of their strategies. More so, it comprises easy-to-read dashboards that make it incredibly user-friendly. 

It is a prolific add-on to your SEO armoury as it comes with the bonuses of live chat, email marketing, forms and other tools that help grow the business. It is perfect for small-scale enterprises, firstly because it is free, and secondly, it seamlessly blends with the plugins products suite, including its CRM. 

Final Words

SEO has changed the game for the marketing industry, and no business can do without SEO today. SEO is a method of augmenting your website or webpage to increase visibility and traction in relevant searches. 

There are several plugins available that help businesses with SEO. A plugin is a software code that serves as a software addition to rendering customisations to applications, browsers and programs. 

WordPress is a popular website that caters to plugins. The top five plugins for SEO that brands and businesses should have are AIOSEO, WooCommerce, SEMRush, Serpstat and Hubspot. 

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