10 Things To Consider While Reviewing The Application Of A Developer For A Remote Job

Top 10 Things To Consider While Reviewing The Application Of A Developer For A Remote Job0

These days there has been a rise in the demand of remote developers. It makes complete sense to hire remote developers as they are flexible and cheaper than local talent. There are fair chances to find an exceptional remote developer who will be better than your internal team and hence give you high-performance results.

It takes a lot of skill to hire the right talent even if you are hiring for remote roles. When it comes to hiring remote developers, you need to be precise with your job ads and the specific requirements. There should not be any location or language barrier in the process of hiring.

There are many reasons why tech companies are onboarding more and more remote developers for their development objectives. Some of the core benefits of working with remote developers are listed below.

  • Optimization of resources for cost savings
  • Flexible working hours
  • Higher retention rate
  • Idea creation

Companies of all sizes invest a lot of capital and resources to attract the most reliable remote talent. These developers are members of elite communities where they showcase their previous work. You can ask help from these communities to hire the best remote developer.

Below are the top things to consider while hiring the remote developer for your team. 

Technical Screening

The first and the most important thing to look for in the application of remote developers is how well they understand the technical screening process. The way the developer communicates with you in the screening process can tell you a lot about their skills and other essential aspects.

You will need different types of technical screening for each type of developer. For example, if you are looking to hire android developer, you will need to include mobile-related questions in your screening. Do not forget to include everything that is required detail in your technical screening process to make sure you hire the best talent for your company.

Portfolio Or Work Samples

Work samples or portfolio plays a vital role in identifying the capabilities of the candidate. You can look for the kind of work that your company does in the candidate’s portfolio. It will be easier for them to get the requirement and perform accordingly.

Their previous clients will also help you recognize the capabilities of the remote developer. Carefully look for any special projects in the candidate’s portfolio as they can set them apart and help you ease your hiring process.

Previous Client’s Testimonials

Testimonials are the feedback that a professional receive after submission of the project. You can check for candidate’s testimonial on their LinkedIn profile, or you can directly ask them about any review or feedback they have received from their previous client. These testimonials can help recognize the right talent for your company.

Timeline And Deadlines

In the process of hiring remote developers, try to understand how familiar the candidate is with the timeline and deadlines. Ask them how they dealt with missing deadlines and their experience with changing timelines of the deliverable.

When you are hiring for remote roles, it becomes critically important that your team understands the importance of following the timeline and deadline of the project.

Tools And Technologies

There are many types of tools, techniques, and different technologies that a developer uses to complete and deliver the assigned development project. While looking for the best remote developer, check if they are familiar with the latest tools and technologies that your company is using for your development projects.

If the developer lacks the knowledge of these modern development techs, it will be hard for them to efficiently deliver the project. For example, if you are looking to hire python developer, they must be aware of the related tools.

Level of Self-motivation

Your remote developers will not have the benefits of a buzzy office environment to keep them in the working vibe, so it becomes critically important that they should be self-motivated to work. Unless the remote professionals have a high level of self-motivation, it will be difficult for them to deliver a project without missing deadlines.

Problem-Solving Skills

One thing that sets remote developers apart from full-time employees is that they work alone without any support. Most often, a remote developer will be stuck alone with a tricky problem with no support, so it becomes critically important that they possess excellent problem-solving skills. These skills will help them prevent missing deadlines.

Level of Self-Awareness

Almost every tech professional will relate to the fact that it can create a significant difference in your abilities if you are aware of your strength and weakness. Such professionals will find it easy to integrate with your internal team to contribute their best.

Communication Flow

Communication plays a vital role in working with remote professionals. Along with the technical skills, the remote developer must have enough communication skills to work smoothly with your internal team. 

Apart from this, it is also essential that they know how to address problems that are beyond their capabilities. All in all, communication is an unavoidable skillset that is required in almost every line of a profession in today’s world. 

Ability To Work as A team

While hiring the best remote developer for your company makes sure he or she knows how to work as a team. If a candidate fails to integrate with your internal team, it will create many problems and delay the process of delivering a project to the clients.


Highly skilled developers and other tech professionals are choosing to work remotely. The primary reason behind this shift in interest is the increasing growth in the gig economy. These professionals earn a lot more than any full-time employees by working on a project basis or per hour basis.

There is a massive rise in working with remote teams due to the numerous benefits they provide. Hiring the best remote developer should not be as hard as it seems. If you follow the fundamental protocols and look for the mentioned skills, you will surely find, recruit, and retain the best remote developers for your projects. 

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