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Looking for free web hosting sites in India? There are many web hosting alternatives available when looking for the ideal one for your company or online presence. The options range from shared hosting to VPS hosting to cloud hosting. What characteristics are most significant to you will frequently determine which web server is best for you.

All websites are constructed on hosting platforms since they all need to exist somewhere. These platforms offer the necessary infrastructure for the website to function, such as the actual servers that manage and store all the data and the framework of your website. A good web hosting service will help your site run smoothly, which will in turn improve a site’s performance and SEO. It basically provides a space for your website.

Best Free Web Hosting in India

So if you are looking for the best free web hosting platforms to build a website and don’t want to pay for it then you got a couple of platforms that will offer you its features for free. Here we have the Best Free Web Hosting in India, so don’t forget to check the list below. 


hostinger free web hosting

If you are looking for a hosting platform that is affordable and supports forward networking then Hostinger is the one you must try once. Hostinger is one of the top hosting efficient startup platforms for anyone who’s getting into website hosting and just starting off their new website business.

It was established in Lithuania in 2004 and has grown to be a huge platform with more than 25 million members. For hosting, it supports over 30 different countries and their respective languages, and hosting companies can essentially modify servers in various ways.

For the finest pricing on the market, it has some fantastic features and superfast performance, which is excellent and user-friendly. Hostinger, one of the fastest web hosting, provides quick load speeds. The Hostinger plans are excellent places for beginners to start.

Hostinger Free Web Hosting

Grab your hosting today & build your first web website for free.

Hostinger Features: 

For its clients, Hostinger has created the greatest web hosting package. Plans can be changed as you go because their specially developed algorithm will recommend options based on your consumption.

  • It offers a monthly subscription for 149 rupees with a renewal fee of 249 rupees.
  • It provides you with limitless, free SSL, which protects your data and reassures visitors that your site is secure.
  • It offers a free domain for a year after committing to a 48-month hosting term. You can get a domain from Hostinger at no cost. You will spend less on expenses and upkeep as a result. Your domain will renew after the first year at the standard price.
  • Since Hostinger is WordPress-optimized, it is a great option if you already have a WordPress-based website. It has been tailored to give some of the quickest loading times, and as a result, it integrates seamlessly with the most popular free open-source CMS on the internet.
  • The top two levels of Hostinger’s plans allow you limitless bandwidth, also known as limitless website traffic and site visits. However, for a single little site, that’s all you need for excellent website accessibility. Single shared hosting plans have a 100GB limit. You also have unrestricted access to Hostinger email.
  • Make the most of your online presence by maintaining uptime rates at a 99.9% level to guarantee constant website access.
  • The customized interface that Hostinger is proud to provide can be altered any way you like while remaining clutter-free and useful. Although it is simplistic, it nevertheless feels contemporary
  • SSH is used to secure your correspondence with the remote server. To manage enormous files and even databases with ease, it offers a safe secure connection to your account. Direct secure access to their hosting account on the web server is made available to administrators and web developers. When SSH is enabled, you can use SFTP for safe file access, management, and transfer.

Infinity free

It allows you to create a website in a few minutes using their services. All infinity free websites come with free see pal and you can also install WordPress or other content management as well. It is one of the better free providers that offer amazing features of web hosting.

The best thing about infinity free is that they have no ads on their website. However, there are plenty of ads in the infinity free dashboard and their webpage which can be blocked by ad blockers, giving you a third-party interruption-free environment. 

The other benefit is that if you already have a domain purchased somewhere else you can connect that to your infinity free web hosting for free. So that your website will have a professional name instead of one that Infinity free gives you.


  • InfinityFree partners with iFastNet, a potent supplier of reasonably priced web hosting services. Three hosting packages are offered by them: InfinityFree plan, Super Premium, and Ultimate Premium. The InfinityFree plan has a monthly fee of nothing.

    This is the unrestricted strategy we previously described and will put to the test. With the free plan, you get 5GB of disc space, unrestricted bandwidth, an unlimited number of hosted domains, 1 FTP account, 50,000 daily hits, and constrained server power.
  • The free plan comes with a Linux-based cPanel. They only offer one data center, a non-encrypted basic SSL certificate, no email accounts, manual backups, and no website creation tools.
  • An Apache web server is used by InfinityFree, which runs on the Linux operating system. You will receive a cPanel that includes all the necessary tools, including online FTP management, backups, DNS, phpMyAdmin, PHP settings, MySQL database control, and more. Softaculous, which enables you to install more than 400 useful apps with just one click, is also included in the InfinityFree free plans.
  • Your site can operate on HTTPS thanks to the hosting company’s free SSL certificate. Unfortunately, the free plan does not enable SSL certificates that are encrypted, thus if you want the security of an SSL certificate, you must buy one of the premium plans.
  • You can also get a free subdomain from a selection of 25 different extensions. Use these free subdomains for your educational needs if you don’t want your domain. To install your CMS software, Infinity Hosting offers a control panel that is easy to use and the Softaculous installer. It makes it simple to install more than 400 applications.


It is another best free hosting provider available when it comes to WordPress. Using these services, you will be able to create a website in a reasonable amount of time free of cost with WordPress installed on it automatically.

So there will not be much chaos work involved, but you can also uninstall anything that came with automatic installation and create the website using the Astra theme template. 

The web host is owned by hosting Europe, another web hosting company. Therefore, the only ads you will see on 000WebHost are for Hostinger and that’s how they make their money by converting some amount of free users into paying ones eventually.

The website has undergone many upgrades to make most of its money and they won’t collect or sell your data, allegedly in their policy. The host website has a nice interface to work with and you see various statistics about your website and resource usage as well as connecting a domain to your website for free if you already have one.


  • 000webhost is a free hosting provider which additionally offers two premium plans for Hostinger. A Silver Hosting plan costs $3.49 per month including a free domain name, website builder, SSD storage space, bandwidth, databases, FTP users, email accounts, and WordPress speed.

    The $7.95 monthly cost of the Gold Hosting plan includes all the Silver Hosting’s advantages. Additional benefits include a free SSL certificate, daily backups, double the amount of memory and processing power, five times as fast WordPress, and deluxe live assistance.
  • It comes with a fairly substantial 1000MB of disc space for hosting your files and allows you to run two websites on the same plan. The package includes 10GB of bandwidth, allowing you to serve a lot of users. To access all of the capabilities, you will have access to the most recent version of cPanel.
  • It is a free website builder with a tonne of expert templates. You can deploy a variety of tools and services for your websites with the aid of a PHP script auto-installer. WordPress and other database-dependent tools can be used with MySQL database support.
  • The host allows you to develop expert, commercial, or corporate websites because they don’t show any advertisements or banners on your website. However, showing your adverts on the websites is a way to generate some extra income.
  • The trustworthy backups ensured that your important data would be protected, and FTP access would make it much simpler to transfer data while maintaining the necessary security.


Googiehost is a free hosting service with helpful website builders. It is regarded as the free hosting service that is the fastest and has sufficient capabilities to support a simple website or blog. It offers shared hosting and virtual private servers, with a variety of hosting plans to suit everyone.

As an Indian-based business with a data center in Uttar Pradesh, the company began offering free web hosting services in 2017. Among all the free web hosts you have encountered, it is the one that works the best in every way to help your website flourish.

Among all small enterprises and nonprofit organizations, Googiehost is the most popular free hosting service. There are many included features, all of which are free of cost. For your convenience, it also offers excellent customer service. In India’s top service providers list, it has established a reputation for itself. It is included in Trade India’s list of accredited businesses offering a variety of etc.


  • The GoogieHost free plans come with a tonne of services that aren’t often offered for free, including an SSL certificate, a website builder, design templates, and spam protection. Furthermore, with limitless bandwidth, you can rest easy knowing that even if your traffic grows, your costs won’t get affected.
  • GoogieHost advertises that you can host an unlimited number of website files, but your SSD storage is actually restricted to 1000 MB. Since it’s an SSD, it should operate up to ten times faster than a conventional HDD.
  • In the hosting market, the cPanel is a well-respected tool that is made to help and support your user experience. You can perform things like install scripts, and create new email addresses and subdomains there.
  • It features a fantastic website-building function that enables you to create a professional website. Additionally, it offers access to about 100 web templates, enabling the quick creation of websites.
  • As a free server, GoogieHost does not offer a free domain name, but it does offer an unlimited number of free subdomains. As a result, you can create numerous websites using different subdomains without paying any additional monthly fees.


Wix is a website builder that allows you to build a website and then they post it for free as part of the package. You will be able to create your website using drag and drop tools completely free of charge and Wix will host it on the internet for you.

It offers the easiest way to create your website with a ton of free templates to choose from and smoothly editing the templates. It offers you freedom for editing your web pages for easy and intuitive use. 

However, you cannot install anything extra on your websites like WordPress or other content management systems. Wix gives you information about the template, by comparison using names making it much easier for you to search and find the type of website you are looking for.

The elements of the webpage including text boxes, shapes, photos, and navigation menus are all available for themed textiles and paragraphs as well. The animation provided you with customization further by making changes. It has an enormous integrated app market with more than 250 apps available in different categories.


  • With Wix’s premium plan options, you can construct a unique one or use one you currently own in addition to receiving a Wix subdomain if you use it for free.
  • Wix also offers free domain names. These domains are safe and optimized for SEO. The web hosting service is really trustworthy. Additionally, you may monitor and control the effectiveness of your website immediately from the same user interface.
  • You can always visit your website online and via the Wix mobile app since all Wix websites are hosted securely by Wix and have SSL certification.
  • Wix provides you with an unrivaled range of tools and alternatives. You have the choice of 500 different design templates and the type of builder you wish to use to develop your website. Through Wix’s Wix App Market, you have access to a wide range of add-ons that can help you further expand your functionality.


Since 2003, X10hosting has been a primary provider of web hosting and gives its free hosting customers a stable and High-performance environment with the latest version of PHP, MySQL, and CPanel.

The platform only uses premium server hardware network industrial leading private cloud software to make your website accessible and visible to the world. Its web hosting gives you high speed and it’s hardly free for user flexibility with easy working upgrades to suit your requirements.

The servers available on this website have over 300 click installers to help you set up the software quickly and very easily. You don’t have to follow installation guides, documentation, or customer support as their cloud-based product will help you with easy setup.

All popular third-party scripts are included and installed, many powerful features are packed into their control panel designed for X10hosting review to quickly manage your website and provide an easy ranking for users.


  • The domain allotments, hostings, and bandwidth provided by X10hosting are all subject to certain limitations. You can access your cPanel control panel. After that, register your domain. It is advantageous to be aware that there are upgrade possibilities that require payment.
  • For its unlimited resources, it provides a database from a web host. In addition to mail accounts and bandwidth, they also provide MySQL and PHP databases.
  • It provides everyday backups to ensure that no data will be lost thanks to it. Expect a deletion, though, if you don’t log in for 30 days. So, throughout that time, you must be active.
  • An efficient network architecture supports this hosting. CloudLinux 6 is the operating system that it runs on. It’s premium, and it’s protected by the OnApp private hardware cloud. Combining the unique web application with cPanel, x10Hosting made a fantastic job.
  • It provides a plan with more benefits at a lesser cost. Infinity is their most popular package. The more benefits x10Hosting offers the longer you use their services.

Free Hosting

If you have searched for free hosting then you must have found Free Hosting which claims no ads while working, due to this it got popular very fast. It offers ads-free domain hosting technicals so you don’t need any other outer technical support.

If you want to host only one website then it provides you both free and paid services for their platform with restrictions of only hosting one website online. You will get enough resources in the unpaid version and for the paid side of things, everything is exclusively unlimited.

It is a free web host that lets you get your WordPress site up and running for zero cost to you. After verifying your account, getting access to their cPanel, and installing WordPress, everything will work fine.

You can create posts as you expect and continue to create a functional WordPress website hosted absolutely free. However, if you are on a tight budget then free Web hosting is appealing that offers hosting with a big step up in quality and professionalism for a true love cost.


  • Paid hosting is available for $7.99 per month, and it offers limitless bandwidth and disc space in addition to the ability to host an infinite number of websites. Additionally, services like numerous email accounts, weblogs, free SSL, site metrics, and Cron Jobs are accessible.
  • One website may be hosted for free, and the package includes 10 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and one email address. Free accounts can typically support up to 30000 daily visitors to PHP-based websites or virtually an infinite number of visitors to websites that only use HTML. It will be accessible round-the-clock online.
  • Additionally, you can access your domain. The registration of a domain name is valid for a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years, after which it expires. A domain name may be renewed for up to ten years at any time.
  • If your website complies with the straightforward and practical terms of the Fair Use Policy, you can enjoy limitless disc space, bandwidth, hosted websites, MySQL databases, and much more.


Freehostia is another hosting service that provides five hosted pages for your website. The USA-based company with a data center in Chicago launched its free web hosting service in 2005. The company offers free cloud hosting, which is a fantastic deal.

This is what you should do if you want to build a blog for your website. It provides a free domain, but you must set aside some cash to register it. However, once registered, it is fantastic and has a tonne of features that will persuade you to invest. For individuals with few requirements who want to expand their business, it is a fantastic free web hosting option.

Even so, this plan might not be what you want to stick with because it only meets your most basic needs. Instead, you might want to switch to another free web hosting site for a better user experience and a more affordable premium plan.


  • The load-balanced cluster platform from Freehostia has shown to be quicker than the widely used one-server hosting platform option. With more than 50 additional free programs available through our in-house developed 1-Click Web Applications Installer, all of our web hosting plans are tailored to function with the most popular PHP web application.
  • The free plan’s minimal features are 250MB of disc storage, 6GB of bandwidth each month, three email accounts, and MySQL and PHP compatibility.
  • The web hosts have developed their framework for clustering. They have placed a SteadFast cutting-edge data center, which offers 2.5 Gigs of Internet access and 100% network uptime, to ensure the quick, secure, and reliable operation of our servers.
  • You can host many domains in a single account with any of Freehostia’s hosting plans. With hosting plans, you can host multiple websites at once for the price of one. Since other hosting providers rarely provide this service, it will help you cut your web hosting costs.


AwardSpace provides you with plenty of stuff for the best hosting, with paid and discount offers at the beginning. Every service gives you a couple of months free followed by an amount to be paid for further usage.

They have an option of free hosting from where you can sign up and scroll down, providing your basic information with no disrupting ads and a couple of more things. They also got a free website builder and a one-click installer for software. It also has a scalable hosting plan and you can move from your current scale to any particular plan.  

If you just want to do something for your hobby work or extremely basic things then these hosts work by relying on it. You can simply find a reliable host for free and use free options to promote your website.


  • AwardSpace is a great option for no advertisements, free web hosting, paid web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, domain name registration, and SSL certificates.
  • You can host one domain, obtain a free domain, and establish three free subdomains with their free website hosting plan, which is excellent for blogs, temporary websites, or small company websites.
  • It offers a variety of tools for customers to use when creating websites. The Zacky Website Builder, available to free users, has a selection of premium themes that are ideal for beginners to utilize to swiftly launch their websites.
  • It offers a MySQL database, one gigabyte of SSD storage, five gigabytes of monthly bandwidth, and 99.9% uptime on average to users for free. Uploading the files for your website is easy with a user-friendly file manager. HTML, CSS, PHP, and other programming files can be downloaded or even edited by you.


BYET Host is a web hosting provider that welcomes beginners and has a range of plans for them. Many customers of BYET internet service like the free hosting option. The hosting services offered are probably most appropriate for mid-sized businesses and even low-level clients searching for a straightforward and reasonably priced approach to hosting a website.

Additionally, it provides free reseller accounts as well as shared hosting and virtual private servers. It is a respectable mid-range hosting company for little to medium-sized businesses and even for individuals.

The technology and software used by Byet have all been specifically designed to deliver the quickest hosting service imaginable, with unparalleled speeds, features, and dependability. Byet Internet Services’ shared hosting packages provide entirely solid state drive-based storage solutions and the industry-standard cPanel control panel interface.


  • The paid shared hosting options offered by BYET Host include Premium and Business. It divides Premium Hosting into two different plans: Super Premium and Ultimate, both of which are offered on a monthly or annual basis.
  • It provides unrestricted bandwidth, 5 email accounts, an unlimited number of MySQL databases, and free shared hosting with 5 GB of storage space.
  • It offers users an endless, load-balanced, ad-free site hosting solution. The capable VistaPanel is included with every free hosting account.
  • It enables customers to add additional domains, and sub-domains, park an existing domain and build MySQL databases on their free website. Users can update databases, perform queries, import, and export SQL data using MySQL management and PHPMyAdmin.
  • Additionally, Byet Hosting offers 256 Softaculous script installers, extra disc space, no daily hit limits, and many other advantages.
  • It is powered by the well-known cPanel control panel system, which includes the user-friendly Softaculous Automatic Script installer for simple script installation and deployment.


It can be challenging for beginners to choose the best hosting provider because there are so many of them. Companies have collaborated with all of the top web hosting providers over the years. The top free hosting sites for India are given below. This has helped us understand what qualities a decent hosting platform should have. Finally, we hope you are able to select the ideal web hosting provider for you.


What is free website hosting?

Many hosting companies provide free hosting services, which are helpful for individual blogs or tiny websites. Your websites will be hosted free of charge because you don’t have to pay anything. Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that enables you to make your websites or web pages accessible via the World Wide Web on the internet.

Web hosts sometimes called hosting companies, offer web hosting services. You can purchase space on a web server from web hosting providers, and they also give you a control panel to manage your hosting accounts.

Are these free web hosting sites completely free?

You can host your website on a variety of platforms for free as long as you like; all you need to do is pick the best one for your website. Free website hosting options have a few simple and constrained capabilities. But even in the entirely free versions, there are enough capabilities to support your website hosting.

Are there any limitations with these free web hosting sites?

Although some hosting companies also provide free web hosting plans with unlimited disc space and monthly bandwidth, the majority of them severely restrict the amount of disc space available in their packages, making it impossible for you to manage your website.

What is the difference between free and paid hosting?

Free and premium web hosting frequently provide the same levels of security, network capacity, and port speed. The hosting features offered are the only distinction. These features include more scripting capability, data transfer, additional disc storage, more email accounts, etc. However, free web hosting offers you sufficient features to manage your website.

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