Top 10 ECommerce sites in UK 2022


ECommerce is just another way of selling and making purchases of the items of our liking. One may have wondered how and what makes it so different and efficient when the world was about to experience ECommerce. What makes it different, is that everything, from selling or purchasing literally anything in today’s times, can happen from the comfort of your homes, on the internet. In simpler words, ECommerce is the electronic method of selling and buying. 

ECommerce continues to make the lives of so many people easier. Millions of people all across the world make purchases online while thousands of businesses and millions of people are able to make a living through these purchases. This business has made people millionaires and continues to be of a huge advantage to people. 

The United Kingdom is one of the technologically forward countries. It houses in its domestic sphere alone some of the top-notch ECommerce companies for the best product deliveries and a portal for many businesses to make their living online. 

There are many countries and regions around the world that struggle with the unavailability of internet and ECommerce. We hope that one day such a problem is completely eradicated and that everyone gets to experience the wonder that ECommerce is! 

Almost every other company or business today covers the possibility of on-the-doorstep delivery. But one can always be carefree with certain ECommerce websites that are guaranteed to be one of the best and offer you with faultless services. Here’s a list of some of the best ECommerce websites in the UK where one can find endless options and the utmost convenience.

Top 10 E-Commerce websites in the UK


Amazon UK 

Amazon happens to be one of the biggest ECommerce websites worldwide, if not the greatest. Jeff Bezos who is the CEO happens to be the richest man of today, suggesting how wide the services they render can range, and the kind of money involved in the company. One can find almost anything on this extremely diverse site. Ranging from food products to fashion items, craft supplies, to electronics, to cow dung. Yes, you heard it right! It’s literally insane how one can find anything on this site. It’s extremely popular worldwide and the UK doesn’t lag behind either. 

Amazon also provides the service of accepting or adopting small or local businesses under them, for them to sell their products with their own name, under the services of amazon. This feature has guaranteed many households and businesses their living and has given a chance to them to start and learn to do their own business in future. 

Amazon also provides the service of Amazon Prime and Prime Video which are considered among the most famous online entertainment streaming platforms. With some very successful originals of its own, Prime brings together the best of entertainment for you to binge on in return for a nominal amount. 

Tesco UK

Tesco is one of the most popular and frequentlt visited supermarket chains in the whole of UK, with their first market stalls dating back to 1919. Ever since, people have been trusting Tesco for a veritably large fraction of their daily needs. Therefore when Tesco released their e-commerce variant for introducing online shopping among their services in the year 2000, it gained instant popularity among the people, as the company had already amassed a huge amount of loyalty and following over the decades. The website was therefore an instant hit and now serves over 20 million customers every month.

Tesco deals in the sale of a plethora of commodities of various types, spanning everything from essential grocery items to luxury items, including but not limited to clothing, toiletries, food items, interior and exterior decor and a lot of other items, so much so that if everything was to be listed it could be an article in itself. If you can name something, Tesco has it.

Customer services are the absolute best, a tradition handed down from their humble past. Commodities are affordable to the common person and products are always easily available, hence the customers have little reason to worry. The  goods are always new and fresh, particularly when it comes to food products and groceries. 

It is not hard to see why Tesco is such a trusted and reliable e-commerce website, used by such a large population.

Marks and Spencer 

One of the largest clothing companies, Marks and Spencer is one of the most popular clothing and skincare stores in the UK and worldwide. Like many other clothing stores, Marks and Spencer also delivers it’s items to its customers to their convenience. Out of the most reliable or trustworthy clothing sites, Marks and Spencer wins the prior place. Marks and Spencer houses clothing for almost every age group. The clothes are of great quality as well but can sometimes be on the higher end in terms of pricing. 

Marks and Spencer Group plc is a renowned British multinational retail chain. It is based in London, England and specializes in dealing with clothing, home decor and furnishings and food products. It was founded way back in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in the quiet place called Leeds. It has over 959 walk-in stores in the U.K. of which 615 sell only food products. Ever since its inception Marks and Spencer has been focused on serving quality goods at prices that the common man could easily afford. This value was clearly represented and put forth in its 1953 slogan “ The customer is always and completely right!” Hence they have been amassing a massive following and loyalty for over a century.

Hence when the enterprise launched their e-commerce platform it became an instant hit among the masses. The online platform deals in everthing from clothing and cosmetics to the most mundane of essentials like groceries and food items. However despite there being a larger number of walk-in foodstores the website is largely popular for its attractive line-up of clothing, accessories and self-care products. It is one of the most visited e-commerce sites in the UK and for a good reason. 

eBay UK 

eBay is also one of the popular websites to deliver a wide range of items. One can find items ranging from fashion items to literally baby items and everything. eBay is considered very trustworthy in the UK and many other parts of the world where it renders service, and can, therefore, be called a reliable place to make purchases and sell too! eBay is also known for providing the best service to its customers. With over 183 million annual customer transactions eBay UK is one of the most popular sites. Since its launch this site has been on the top of the list of e-commerce market in the UK. 

The services are similar to the one in the international platforms. On this site both individuals and companies can sell their products. Consumers can get the products either directly from the sellers or through auctions from their platforms. On this site you can get items in the categories of motors, electronics, fashion, home, garden, collectibles and much more. You can also get some second hand products at lesser rates on this site. The interface has a simple design and is easy to use. The search bar helps you to look for specific products and there is also an option to look for products category wise. All the services provided by this site makes it a popular site among the people of the UK.


Argos Ltd is a british catalogue retailer. It currentlt serves customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was established in 1972 after being separated from its parent company and now rival, Tesco. Argos makes transactions over both online mediums and offline stores, and is one of the largest high street retailers in the entire United Kingdom. The e-commerce platform has been a success owing to the franchise’s brand heritage and rich history, and currently has a mind-boggling one billion online visitors every year, which makes it one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the UK as well. 

Although Argos is primarily known for its walk-in outlets online sales now contribute to over 58% of its sales. It may be interesting to know that Argos is the third most visited e-commerce giant in the UK.

Argos sells a large variety of products over its online portal under the categories of technology, home and furniture, gardening and diy implements, appliances, baby and nursery goods, toys, sports and leisure items, health and beauty items, clothing, jewellery et cetera. The extensive product selection and fair prices have resulted in a large following among the citizens of the UK and thus led to its immense popularity.


Unlike other British-origin e-commerce platforms listed here which started of in the distant past as retail store chains, Asos started its life in 2000 as a standalone online fashion and cosmetics brand. It all started in 1999 when two British business enthusiasts, Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths decided to work upon an online fashion business that copied the trends followed by celebrities and making them available to the masses. The ASOS label was assigned to the venture in 2001, and ever since it has been one of the most popular shopping sites for fashion and cosmetic products in the UK. ASOS stands for As Seen On Screen – many people are ignorant of this fact.

The large selection of products ensure that everything that you will ever need can be found in Asos, as lomg as it is related to clothing and beauty. The availability of a plethora of products at fairly affordable prices has resulted in it growing into one of the most popular e-commerce websites in the UK, US and some other countries as well. It is, in fact, ranked fifth among fashion and lifestyle e-commerce sites.

John Lewis 

John Lewis and Partners are a unique venture – they believe that the staff must be included in the decisions made for the company as well, and not just some board of directors. John Lewis started way back in the year of 1864 with a drapery shop. Every since, their business has only gone upwards, and have become the preferred choice of the people in gthe UK for all of their shopping needs. The loyalty and trust among the customers earned by the company for over a century resulted in a massive success when the venture launched their website in the year 2001.

A plethora of products can be purchased at the John Lewis website from electronics to groceries to home furnishings and decor – anything that can be named can probably be found on the John Lewis online shopping platform, and that too at prices so affordable that they can be purchased by almost anyone. The goods available are always fresh, particularly when it comes to food items and groceries.

Owing to the large selection of products and attractive pricing, the website has gone to become one of the most prominent and successful e-commerce ventures in the UK and is trusted by a large multitude of the population for their varied shopping needs.

Currys PC World 

Currys PC World is a joint venture between Currys and PC World. The two ventures under the Irish retail chain Dixons retail were combined successfully in August 2015 and has since been the go-to online market for people searching for electronic equipment, home appliances, electrical equipment, laptops and PC components such as RAM sticks, microprocessors etc. The prices at Currys PC World are adjusted regularly so depreciation of computers and components are visible in real-time. 

Currys PC World deals with a huge selection of products at its website; its website include varied categories such as laptops, televisions, washing machines, fridge freezers, gaming consoles, mobile phones, coffee machines, mixers etc. The large selection of products is matched by few retailers in the UK. Hence it is extremely popular among the people in the UK for all their electrical and digital needs, and has this grown to become one of the most visited e-commerce sites in the UK. 

Next UK

Next is also one of the very known fashion and home products retailers in the UK. Like the other British retailers listed here, Next too has a rich history, with roots far back into the year of 1864 when it was founded as a tailor shop by Joseph Hepworth in Leeds under the name Joseph Hepworth & Son, dealing in high quality ready-to-wear mens suits.

It has since expanded exponentially and now deals in a large selection of clothing, accessories and grooming products. The NEXT website was launched in 1999 and has since been a popular destination among the people of the UK for all of their fashion and grooming needs. The website ensure that the product range is conytinually updated to conform with the latest styles and trends so that the customers have access to the latest trends in clothing and accessories.

The huge range of products and affordable prices have resulted in a large following and brand loyalty among its customers and has since been rising in popularity over the years, having twice dethroned the British fashion giants Marks And Spencer in annual visits.

Etsy UK

Esty is also a very popular site in the young audience that it targets in the UK. Etsy specialises in selling vintage and striking art supplies. The company was founded in the US focused on handmade and vintage commodities and art supplies. They deal in a wide range of products such as jewellery, bags, clothing, home decor, furniture, art, toys and craft supplies and tools. 

As of December 31, 2018 Etsy connected 2.1 million sellers to over 39.4 million buyers globally. The large number of unique products in Etsy, that cannot be found elsewhere has resulted in a massive growth in popularity of the site among art and crafts enthusiasts in the UK. It is one of its kind and not many alternatives exist to it. Thus people all over the UK trust Etsy for great rare products and affordable handmade items that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet.

Future Of e-Commerce in the United Kindom

Indeed, the future of eCommerce in the United Kindom seems to be very bright – there are consumers to buy the commodities the market has to supply, the people are financially capable to afford them as the living standards are quite high, the entire country is connected through one mode of transport or the another – the UK is not a very big country with largely gentle terrain and thus connectivity has never been an issue for the country, hence delivery of goods to the customer is hardly a problem. Hence, there certainly is space and scope for the growth of eCommerce platforms in the country.


ECommerce is considered a lifeline for many, many people around the world. Not only has it helped people to find and buy a wide range of items, many sites and the availability of the internet has also made it possible for many people to sell their products online making it available for thousands online domestically and internationally as well. Rapidly many industries are stepping into the ECommerce platform for it’s the most popular ways of making purchases and selling too. The medicine industry has recently made its entry in the ECommerce arena making it convenient and comfortable for many elderly and others to have easy access to any kind of medicines if they’re not able to set out of their homes for whatever reasons. Be it books or any such educational item, everything can be, ade available at your doorstep, whether or not they’re practically available in your proximity. 

While there are quite some disadvantages of ECommerce as well, one can safely see that the advantages and the pros of adopting or indulging in eCommerce outnumber the inconveniences. 

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