Top 10 E-Commerce Sites in Canada 2022


Canada comes under the list of top internet users in the world. The most interesting fact is that almost 90% of its population is using the internet right now. With a heavy usage of the internet comes the surfing different websites of course. Moreover, looking at Canada’s situation it can be stated that the country has seen an unsurprising growth in the e-commerce sector over the years. 

With the rapid growth of the number of people preferring internet websites more than the traditional retail sales, the latter has slowed down quite a little in the last decade. In Canada, the traditional retail sales might have slowed down but the increase in e-commerce has overall made the retailers making up to a more significant percentage. There are many retailers who, instead of following the traditional ways are shifting to online-based marketing for a better business and profit.

Top 10 Canadian E-Commerce Platforms:


Amazon Canada

Amazon Canada is one of the top e-commerce sites among all the sites running in Canada. Amazon has conquered the whole world and it is the most used site for online shopping, retailing, etc.

The estimated number of visitors that the amazon gets in total in a month is as high as 160.45 million. It is no surprise that Amazon has taken the top place in the market. The Amazon Brand is the largest brand in the whole world and the Brand, Amazon Canada is the 5th largest among all the brands in Canada. 

Amazon has not restricted itself to just some particular categories. If we look at the brand, it takes up almost all categories of things belonging to our day to day use. Furthermore, this site has a variety of categories that are used by a variety of other people. From kids to old people, amazon serves everyone. However, there is one category that is more in use than the rest of the categories, is the electronics and computer category. With a particularly large space that it holds for this category, most of Canada depends on amazon for the trustworthy goods that it provides. Therefore, as the need for electronics and computers is more in Canada, this has peaked in the sales of the items from this category, over the years. 

Mostly, the reason why most people are inclined towards this brand is entirely because of the diversity. Amazon has the best product also from different sellers and never forget the huge discounts and offers that it provides us with. On electronics, books, clothes or even online streaming and TV, Amazon attracts a whole bunch of audiences across the board.


The site, Kijiji is born in Canada. This site gets a total of 55.81 million visitors in a month. It won’t be a surprise when we find out more about this brand. Kijiji is not just a site meant for buying only, but also, to sell, or trade anything possible thing to a wide group of people. For Canadians, this site is insanely popular as it lets people buy or sell almost anything in the market.

This site has risen up from nothing to everything by the years. Not only is it the top e-commerce site in Canada, but also, this site stands at the 8th position worldwide. The audience that the site has managed to acquire is quite broad if we look at the categories. Kijiji attracts customers who are looking for a purchase, selling new items or used items, varying from furniture, electronics, cars, real estate, vacation rentals, jobs, services and many more.

Walmart Canada

We all know that Walmart, the most popular US founded superpower, is the world’s largest retail corporation. It has got an estimated 33 million visitors in a month. Walmart is one of the biggest e-commerce sectors in the US, Canada, Mexico, and many other markets.

Walmart stands as the most needed retailer corporation as most of the people of the country are dependent on it for their day to day needs. The categories for which are Walmart is available to the customers include various things. Starting from electronics, baby goods, fashion, video games, medicine and pharmacy, home equipment, furniture, kitchen items, groceries, food and many more. Therefore, it succeeds in attracting a broad range of customers with different needs. The more significant segments of categories include shopping, home, and gardening.

eBay Canada

We have often heard people talk about eBay whenever there is a discussion about selling things. However, eBay is just not about selling stuffs but also buying. This e-commerce site sees a total amount of 28.22 million visitors in a month. It is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the whole world. Not to forget that it is also one of the top sites used in Canada. 

The most interesting fact about eBay is that this site comes among the oldest e-commerce site. eBay is a US-based market place. It has long been set up for buying and selling, long before many retailers had even considered getting their products online. eBay Canada was established in the 2000s and was the most popular which made it the leader among all Canadian e-commerce markets. 

The customers get a variety of categories in the site of eBay which includes both buying a selling. The most popular categories that are available for the customers include fashion apparel, electronics items, collectibles, accessories, cameras, digital cameras, sports equipment which includes games, swimming, outdoor and indoor games. There are also baby products for taking care of your infants and everything else that you usually need at home, including your day to day needs.

Best Buy Canada

As the name suggests, this has made to this list with great admiration and support from the customers. We often get stuck with which retailer to trust when it comes to buying laptops, computers, mobile phones, and other electronics items. This site has made the life of Canadians very easy. 

With the estimated number which reaches to 31.96 million people visiting this site in a single month. This e-commerce platform is also a US-based retailer that entered the market for a very long time. Since then, the e-commerce market has been seeing steady growth and collected much fame and name. it is, in fact, one of the biggest retailers of electronics and appliances category to millions of happy customers. The establishment of Best Buy Canada dates back to 2002. 

Later on, it became the largest e-commerce site to provide customers with electronic items. It is always taken as the first choice while considering electronics item, however, it has a number of other categories. Best Buy Canada offers a vast collection of products in the category of, electronics, appliances, furniture, fitness, baby products, travel, sports, etc.

Canadian Tire

The estimated number of visitors who visit this e-commerce site is a heavy 25.50 million. Being one of the most popular sites among the hit list of the e-commerce market, Canadian Tire has a local success story since its establishment. Canadian Tire now is the owner of 500+ retail stores which is not limited to the locals but stretches around the globe. The list doesn’t end here. Additionally, the e-commerce market also has more three brands, which includes – “Marks,” specializing in men’s and women’s, including work apparel; “FGL Sports,” which contains the specialization in sporting goods and sportswear, also different sports accessories; and lastly “Part Source,” which holds a specialization in auto parts and many more accessories.

The Canadian Tire has a vast range of goods and categories for the customers. That includes a bonus and a wide range of automotive, hardware, leisure, and sports. Surprisingly, the list doesn’t end here, it has also got a wide range of home appliances and products, toys for the kids, food to different types of customers available across the country.

Costco Canada

Costco Canada is a multinational organization based in America. The e-commerce websites stretch around the globe making it available for the customers present in different nooks and corners of the world. Interestingly, this site has a monthly visitor which are as high as 22.67 million. Costco Canada has made its presence in many countries and has become immensely popular over time. The categories which the site covers go to a far range from home and garden to electronics and computer. 

Making sure that the e-commerce brand is able to satisfy the market needs and its customers. Canadians wanting different goods including furniture, outdoor living, appliances, jewelry, and many more items that can be delivered to their doorstep.

Hudson’s Bay

Also popularly known as The Bay collects over 14.95 million visitors in a month, making itself to the top 10 e-commerce sites of Canada. It has a chain of department stores situated in Canada and the Netherlands. This has made it a successful e-commerce site and has a collection of women’s’ apparel, men’s apparel and handbags, shoes and many more. It is doing particularly great at fashion and apparel, not to miss the beauty and cosmetics collection.

Home Depot Canada

The Home Depot Canada sees a fairly 11.67 million visitors in a month and is the largest home and office furniture and improvements supplied to the retail companies based in the US. It stretches over Canada and Mexico which includes both online and offline retailing. The categories provided by this e-commerce platform are bathroom and kitchen remodeling, furniture, etc.

Newegg Canada

Newegg Canada is a successful US-based online platform for retailing and shopping markets. It has 3 million visitors in a month and is an online retailer for a wide range of computer hardware, software, and electronics items. 

Newegg Canada started in the year 2009 and has been doing well in the e-commerce platform. Carrying products over a wide range of video games, computer hardware, and programming and development software.

Advancement in e-commerce:

According to statistics, the e-commerce retail trade sales of Canada reached as high as 1.6 billion Canadian dollars in the year 2018. Also, it was viewed that almost 19.8 million Canadians made their purchases online over the internet. It is expected that, by the year 2020, this number will most probably increase to 28.3 million. This figure is also expected to translate to 76.36 percent of the population.

It is quite obvious that Canada is too much hooked to online shopping. However, if we look behind the years, actually this country’s businesses have been really slow at shifting towards e-commerce. Therefore, if we look at the top sites, they use in their day to day life, we will find out that most of the e-commerce platforms are founded by US business persons. The US has been able to fill the gap of the Canadians or we can say the local people of Canada to switch to their convenience. Of course, e-commerce is the most convenient way of dealing business and getting our desired needs fulfilled just a click away, sitting inside the four walls of the home. The comfort that e-commerce has brought to people is making them choose better without the constraint of time and energy.

Variety of trades that took-off with e-commerce:

Above all, Canada has been very quick at pacing up with the changing world, started slow but now reaching heights. The local e-commerce business retailers have also started investing more on the internet. Starting from bricks and mortars to other businesses many have been actively participating in e-commerce platforms. Just not that, there are also a lot and a lot of new players who are now joining the market with their excellent skills and knowledge.

Therefore, to throw some more light on Canada’s e-commerce sector, we dug in a little further. After a little research, the top 10 sites have been listed down. Therefore, without much ado, go on and read about who are those top 10 performers who have been working brilliantly in the e-commerce platforms. Nevertheless, these sites are what people of Canada have chosen to be their favorite sites.

Apart from top colossus sites like amazon and e-bay, there are many more sites who are equally making more name and fame. Moreover, these sites have actually succeeded in making our life easy.

Future of E-Commerce in Canada

Indeed, the future of eCommerce in Canada seems to be very bright – there are consumers to buy the commodities the market has to supply, the people are financially capable to afford them as the living standards are quite high, the entire country is connected through one mode of transport or the another – granted, Canada is a place of occasionally snowy terrain and thus often land transport is at times not viable but the country has an intricate network of airways perchance transportation over land is not viable, hence delivery of goods to the customer is hardly an issue. Hence, there certainly is space and scope for the growth of eCommerce platforms in the country.


These sites are the leading ones in the e-commerce sector and are responsible for generating maximum of the total revenue. The best part is that a substantial number of sites in the list are founded in Canada, showing that the nation has a great e-commerce sector.

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