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Social Media Verification Service

GrowthGrasp’s Social Media Verification service will help you get your social media verified & get the badge.


GrowthGrasp is here to get your Facebook accounts or pages verified.


GrowthGrasp can help you with getting your Instagram pages verified.


GrowthGrasp provide twitter verification for authentic people.


GrowthGrasp Team will help you to get your Youtube channel verified

Facebook Verification

Looking for Facebook verification service? We can help account and pages both to get verified. The most selling verification service of all time and why not, Facebook is most popular social media platform.

Instagram Verification

Looking for Instagram verification service? The most colourful social media platform grown out really big and now Facebook owns it. Perfect platform for fashion, beauty brands.

Twitter Verification

Looking for Twitter verification service? Most credible social media platform. A wrong tweet there can even bring down your market value of your company and twitter trending are followed worldwide

Youtube Verification

Looking for Youtube verification service? Youtube is the top in video video sharing platform. Best place to be if you have a great screen presence. Many celebrities joined youtube and started Vlogging.

Social Media Verification Service Process

With increasing competition, It has become essential to claim a credibility mark on your profile through social media verification.

Popular Social media channels like Facebook™, Instagram™, Twitter™ etc. provide profile verification to protect your identity and business on their platform.

These profile verifications provide en edge over other users. With the increasing misuse of technology, people get scammed by fake profiles. Social Media Verification helps you reduce this risk.

It helps your followers identify your real profile, and it enables you to neutralise the information that goes on your name.

Who needs Social Media Verification? 

There are two types of verification. One where you provide your name, email and phone number to verify your identity. The second one is getting a verified tick on your profile by confirming your media presence and accomplishments in any given field. This way, the social media platform helps you distinguish your profile and makes your achievements credible. If you are a distinguished scholar, artist or an influencer, you can get a verified tick on your profile.

What are the benefits of getting a social media verified badge?

Almost all social media channels provide special features to those who get their profiles verified on their portal. It includes early access to the features. It also helps you in reporting and deleting any counterfeit profile, pages, handles on the same portal. Your service requests and business managers are set on top priority, i.e. you will get a response within 48 hours from the team. Not to forget the credibility and power you get after getting your profile verified. However, it could be done in a few simple steps by a trustworthy agency.

What is the procedure of getting a social media verification?

A professor or a scholar can get their profiles verified by linking their published papers and honours. However, for artists, politicians, business owners, and influencers, specific criteria are considered before providing a verified badge. This includes coverage in national and international magazines (elite publications), newspapers, a good following or friends on social media networks. 

How to get coverage in elite publications? 

Most elite publications accept submission from agencies and writers who have proved their mettle. We draft and publish the articles in the most read magazines and websites all over the world, including (not limited to) Wikipedia (if needed). 

How much time does it take to get a verified badge?

It may take some time to gather information and then create a full strategic plan which includes press release in various online and offline media channels. This has to be specific to your niche and work. Rest assured we provide 100% unique and natural coverage. Once we are done with publications, our experts apply for a badge, which is usually approved within three weeks from Facebook headquarters. 

I hope this information was useful and we were able to address all your queries, please do write to our customer support for any clarification. We are here to assist you in the best ways possible.

Social Media Verification Service F.A.Q

  • What is Social Media Verification?
  • Types of Social Media Verification
  •  Am I Eligible For Social Media Verification?
  • Important Note Before You Apply
What is Social Media Verification?

Social Media Verification is referred to blue niche beside your name in you social media platform which is a symbol of trust worthy & credible person.

This might not to new to you as you have seen all big pages with blue tick, which increase the trust worthy of their social account.

Some of the key benefits of verified social media accounts and pages:

  • Trustworthy
  • Better Engagement
  • Brand Awareness
  • High Reach
  • Strong Presence
  • More Collaborations
Types of Social Media Verification

At GrowthGrasp, we are currently offering 4 social media verification services:

  • Facebook Verification Service for Accounts & Pages
  • Instagram Verification Service
  • Twitter Verification Service
  • Youtube Verification Service

In future if we add any other verification services, we will update every information till the date.

 Am I Eligible For Social Media Verification?

To know more about your eligiblity, email us –

  • Send you social accounts details
  • Your previous PR in any other publications
  • Your notable works & achievements.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Important Note Before You Apply

If you are not a public figure or not doing something worth being notable, please don’t email us. We might not reply back to your email.

This is for creative people, entrepreneur, companies, brands, NGO, educational institutions basically who are doing legitimate work.

We respect you guys and yes you deserve to be known by people for your work.

  • Base Price Starts from $5000 plus taxes, If you don’t have that budget please don’t apply for this service.
  • You must prove your identity to us so that we can go through all your work history before proceeding forward, We don’t want to work people who have did bad with people.
  • Send us all social profiles link so that we can evaluate your accounts and pages first before moving forward with you orders.



Social Media Verification Services Testimonials

“Highly recommended professional. Helped our company pages to get verified.”

Jason Swartzman


“Got us verified on Instagram. Your team have done our PR in a positive way. Can’t thank enough to you”

Susan Whiting

Fashion Blogger

“Very professional team with great conversation, will be working together more often.”

Frank Simons


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