PDFBear: A Complete Online PDF Tool For All Your File Needs

PDFBear- A Complete Online PDF Tool For All Your File Needs0

PDFs were a breakthrough in the history of online file innovations. The portable document format became the ideal file composition as it is compact and less modifiable, making it more convenient for document uploading and transmitting. However, many people are not aware of how to handle PDFs and maximize their usage. 

Several Functions of PDFBear: Compress, Split, and Merge

One of the most common problems in sharing or transmitting files online is when the file size is too large. You can solve that cycle of dilemma by using PDFBear. Some files can still occupy large spaces depending on their content despite being in the portable document format. The compress PDF function allows you to shrink your large files to smaller sizes without fully compromising its quality. 

Webmails usually have certain limits in uploading and sending files. Although it is entirely reasonable to maintain smoother mail transitions, it becomes troublesome for intermediate computer users who do not know how to react with such problems. 

 Here are the steps to compress: 

  • Browse your large-sized PDF file and drag it to the PDFBear Compress Tool. 
  • Choose the option necessary for your compressing. 
  • PDFBear will take a few seconds to analyze and compress your PDF. 
  • Once finished with the compressing, you can now download your file and are now ready for sharing. 

The steps are pretty straightforward and time-saving, which helps us continue our busy and fast-pace corporate lives. Are there also instances wherein you received documents in the portable document format from your direct superior that need page division? Do you have the appropriate tools to handle and edit such files? PDFBear is the solution to your problem.  

PDFBear’s Split function allows you to separate your document’s pages and save them on different file locations, depending on the editing you need. This can also save space on your disk and makes it easier for you to resend your PDF files back to your superior in a more swift manner. PDF Split also helps you manage your pages individually. 

On the other hand, if you have received individualized pages that need to be compiled on a single solid file, PDFBear’s merge function is your number one choice. It also has easy-to-follow steps similar to compressing and splitting, making it an ideal tool for PDF starters. You can easily organize and combine your PDFs by merging them. 

PDF Converter Tool

Despite that PDFs are widely used due to their compactness and less editable features, many people still do not know how to maximize them thoroughly. Most feel like they have bumped into a wall once their files are on the portable document format. Aside from the multiple functions of PDFBear, it is also well-known for its quality PDF converter tool. 

The typical conversion of PDF is to the Word format since they are similar in structure. You can create a document composition from scratch with Word, and converting it to PDF is the best move to keep your content intact and avoid unnecessary edits from different users. 

Here are the four easy steps to convert your Word file to PDF:

  • Browse for your existing Word file and drag it to the PDFBear converter tool.
  • PDFBear converter tool will scan and convert your document. 
  • Your document will be ready for download in just a matter of seconds. 

It’s that easy! The best part is you can also convert your PDFs to several different types of file formats. Although PDFs are difficult to edit by nature, PDFBear’s quality converter tool can convert your PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, etc. Again, similar to compressing, splitting, and merging your file, the original quality of your file will not be compromised.  

Safe and Secure For Your Files

In the corporate business industry, the files that we handle and transmit are mostly confidential. The documents must maintain their privacy and confidentiality within the company and its employees only.  Whether it is a financial statement, marketing strategy, product profile, or HMO records, the content must remain within limited eyes only.  

With PDFBear, you can assure the safety and security of your files. This online converter tool is the best option to make sure that the files you upload to convert are deleted automatically and can never be traced by unwanted audiences; PDFBear’s sophisticated secure SSL connection has this kind of feature that can boost your confidence in uploading your PDFs.

You can protect your PDF with a complex password to double secure your files! PDFBear also has the protect and unlock feature to provide extra security for your PDFs. It has a 256-bit encryption protocol to ensure that your personalized passwords are almost impossible to crack. 

Value For Money

Although you can avail of the limited features of PDFBear without spending a dime, upgrading to PRO gives you unlimited access to all features of PDFBear! If you are in the corporate business industry and manage documents daily, this can be your best choice to organize and convert your files efficiently. These are the benefits you can get by upgrading PRO:

  • Unlimited conversion tasks
  • Unlimited file storage
  • More file tasks at the same time
  • Unlimited storage for uploaded tasks
  • No ads
  • Limitless OCR tasks
  • Faster uploading speed
  • Full access to customer support 

As you can see, you can get your best value for money with PDFBear PRO! You can have full access to all of its tools and your files are kept 100% guaranteed safe and secure. PDFBear is a one-stop, avail-all-you-can online tool that can give you faster file management and more convenient daily living since it can save your time to do more productive things. 


Despite this pandemic, we must all continue to focus on our goals and keep grinding to achieve our wants and needs. This pandemic also reminds us how limited our time can be, so make the most out of your every single minute. Maximize the time that you have and always give your all. Take advantage of technology, use PDFBear. 

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