Own A Tech Firm? Here’s How A Preventive Maintenance Plan Can Help You


Just like your car needs regular maintenance, so does your Tech firm. A well-planned preventive maintenance plan can help your firm increase its productivity and provide outputs at lower costs. Many professionals have realized the importance of preventative maintenance and are looking into different software to keep their firm running.

Preventive Maintenance is a periodic inspection of all your equipment pieces to catch minor issues and solve them before it becomes a big issue. No one likes downtime, and with a systematic approach to preventive maintenance, your tech firm can yield more productive results.

Nowadays, with the growing demand of clients, tech firms need to be on their feet at all times to provide the required services to their clients. If your organization opts for maintenance only when facing issues, you have lost the race.

So, when it comes to preventive maintenance, implementing it properly so that it provides your firm with good results is highly essential.

Types of Preventive Maintenance

When it comes to preventive maintenance, there are three major types, but with growing demand, there are many sub-parts to it. Let us look at the three major divisions.

  1. Usage-based maintenance- This is generally implied when your assets are used daily. When implemented, the maintenance managers would get an alert when a specific part requires maintenance. You can even set usage-based alerts based on your operating usage for a full checkup of your devices.
  2. Failure finding maintenance- This can be considered as a unique preventive maintenance technique. Under this technique, you have to regularly carry out a detailed inspection to detect your system’s errors.
  3. Time-based maintenance- This is the most commonly used technique in significant firms for their smooth operating. You can schedule maintenance as per your convenience, like daily, weekly, month, bi-annually, bi-weekly, etc., and ensure that all your machines are running in perfect order.

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

Now you must have got a brief idea about preventive maintenance. But are you fully convinced to go forward with regular preventative maintenance? If not, let us deep-dive into some advantages of it.

  1. Encountering minimal to zero errors in daily activities- When your firm would undergo regular preventive maintenance, chances of meeting errors or troubleshooting would be at its minimal stage. Once you have regulated it, you need to focus on yielding the best result for your client without thinking about your firm’s technical health.
  2. Longer Asset life- When you have your preventive maintenance program regularly, it will lead to less error, which would lead to longer asset life. When you do not have to worry about your machine’s life, you can concentrate on your work peacefully.
  3. Minimal maintenance staff– With the scheduling of preventive maintenance in your system, you do not have to keep much staff for care. As many minor errors can be identified and rectified during a routine preventive maintenance schedule, your managers’ and technicians’ workload would decrease by many folds.
  4. Improved Safety- With regular scheduling, your devices would encounter less error, and it would reduce the safety hazard incidents, and your firm can concentrate on providing results to your client within the deadlines.
  5. Reliability factor- With less downtime and more productive results, your clients would be fully satisfied with the services, and your firm would gain more reliability in the market for providing quality-based service within the prescribed deadline.
  6. Minimal downtime- With regular checkups and maintenance, your equipment would encounter minimal unplanned downtime. This downtime would not affect your working timeline, and you can complete your project in time.

Why Should You Opt for Preventive Maintenance?

This must be a logical question in your mind regarding when should you opt for preventive maintenance? If you have a tech firm and want it to be reliable, cost-effective, and more productive, regular scheduling of preventative maintenance is essential. 

Let us look at some scenarios that would explain why you should implement preventive maintenance in your system.

  1. Unplanned breakdown while deploying a critical project leads to unplanned downtime and delay in submitting the project to your client.
  2. Unexpected expenses would be attached to your project, which would lead to earning less profit from projects.
  3. Delay in projects would lead to dissatisfaction from the client-side. It would lead to a bad name in the market.
  4. Delay in procuring some parts because of the lack of inventory management. With regular preventive maintenance in place, you would be updated with your inventory so it can be replaced once it breaks off.

Things to Remember About a Preventive Maintenance Strategy

Implementing a preventive maintenance program is not easy. Many times, firms ignore certain protocols leading to not getting the program appropriately implemented. Let us look at some of the commonly made mistakes.

  1. Not setting proper instructions- You need to set proper instructions as per your requirements to get the proper results. If certain critical equipment types need extra care, you need to provide special instructions for them. Not putting proper instructions can yield different results.
  2. Setting feasible timeframes- You need to be realistic in scheduling the preventive maintenance program. Over maintaining certain equipment types can lead to over expenditure and may even engage extra labor to it.
  3. Errors in choosing the right equipment– There may be certain equipment that would be of more critical use than the others. So, if that equipment is not given priority for regular scheduling, you may face issues like untimely downtime or any other critical issues. It may lead to a delay in the completion of your project.
  4. Keeping track of the inventory- During regular scheduling, the program may alert for any part change. If you are not managing a proper inventory record, it may delay in procuring and replacing it. It would lead to a delay in the entire project cycle.
  5. Documenting all the reports- For your firm’s smooth functioning, you need to download, analyze, and keep a record of all the preventive maintenance programs. Many firms do not keep track of it, leading to mismanagement and complete chaos when there is a critical issue.


When you have your own tech firm, it becomes very important to take care of many things for the firm’s smooth running. 

Now, you have an understanding of the importance of preventative maintenance in your firm. Implementing preventive maintenance would solve many of your headaches, and you can concentrate on working on your client’s projects. 

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