How to Choose a Domain Name?

The very fast thing that strikes my mind before setting up a new blog is thinking about a good domain name. If you are in the search of some best tips and ideas regarding domain name, then you are in the right place. In this article, I have explained why it’s always crucial to find out a cool domain name for your new blog. Here, in this article, you can also get some important suggestion for how to choose a domain name.

For a website, you need two things: Server to host your website and the second one is an attractive name for your site. These two things are like virtual property and address where people visit you to find you online.


Why pick a suitable domain name for your Blog or website?

It’s always vital to pick a good domain name for your blog or website from the very beginning because most of the people put importance towards a catchy domain name. You may change the domain hosting provider as per its reliability but domain name is ever green and remains same forever.

The main reason behind all of this discussion is changing the domain n name is equals to start everything from the beginning. And it’s obvious that any one will not want to change his well-established site which getting regular traffic. Chang the domain name is same as to starting with zero page rank on Google search engine, and again will have to work your way up again if you want to change your domain name in the middle. Domain name is everything for a website or a blog if you will change the name the Alexa rank and other ranking will be drop because all these things are well-associated with the domain name. So the overall thing is that you have to choose a suitable domain name that you can carry it from the very beginning. Now the question is how you will choose the domain name?

How to choose a suitable domain name for your Business?

As per my concern that there are no tough rules and regulations to set a domain name so just follow the below guidelines and suggestion for choosing your domain name:

  • Importance of Keyword: Keyword is everything for a website because it describes the whole website. A domain name always should be the nature of your service and products. A good domain name always expresses exactly what the site is all about. It is always vital for any visitor to get an overall idea of what the website is about just by looking at the domain name. If you want to start a website on delicious food then try to get a domain name like So that people can easily understand the website is related to yummy foods. If you are looking for catchy words list to include in your domain name, go check out our blog post on catchy words
  • Easy to remember: Always remember one thing the domain name should be easy to remember so that a visitor can easily type the name on the browser for a revisit. If the name will difficult, then there is always a chance to lose the potential traffic. When the name of the domain is easy to remember, then it always easier to spread among people.
  • Try to keep the domain name short: It’s a basic rule that always keeps the domain name less than ten characters. Because of short name always easy to remember. It’s true that nowadays it’s too hard to get a short domain name but try to choose a name as short as it possible for better flexibility and popularity. Too long domain name always confuse the visitor and there is always a chance to mistype in the browser when some want to access the website. To avoid these problems it’s always better to keep the domain name short for the better traffic and popularity.
  •  Make it simple to type: Easy to type domain names are always good for branding so always try to get a domain name which is easy to type and easy to remember.
  • Use Hyphens for improving readability: Never hesitate to use a hyphen in between the words for your domain name. Use of hyphen always helps to improve the readability. It also helps to fetch rank on the search engine.
  • Think local: If your website is local then you can add your region name in the domain name. Remember one thing give the locality name if the name sense properly otherwise it may put a bad impact on your website ranking or popularity.
  • Importance of domain extension: Always try to get .com extension because this is top level domain extension and most popular. “.com” is a widely accepted domain extension. Normally when people think of a domain name .com extension comes into the mind. So it’s always better to use .com extension for your website. There are other extensions also well-available like .net and .org. You can use these extensions but “.com” extension should be your first preference when you are going to choose a proper domain name for your website.
  • Well-researched: It’s always important to do proper research before choosing a proper domain name for your website. Make sure that the name is not trademarked or copyrighted by another company. Otherwise, you may face a legal mess or many difficulties further.
  • Act Fast: Asyou know, nowadays domain names sell quickly. So it’s important to register your favorite domain name quickly for the safety of your website.

Sometimes many people want to give their own name as domain name but the question is should you use your name? The answer is yes you can give it but if your website is related your own business then. If you are a author, coach or speaker then it works better. If your website is related to any business then you can choose the business name as domain name.

Beware of some most common things:

  • Be aware of scammers: Always buy your domain name from a registered company so that you will not face any difficulties later.
  • Avoid copyright issues: Try to avoid copy right issue and always choose unique name as your domain name for better result.

In recent days, it’s very easy to find out a good domain name. There are several websites those who sales domain name at a reasonable price.

Go Daddy:

Go Daddy is one of the most popular domain sellers in recent days. Most of the people follow this website to choose a good domain name for their website. From this website you can easily buy domain through your credit card. You can renewal your previous purchased domain name from this website at a cost around $ 50.

Name Cheap:

This is also a good domain registrar which provides various advantages as compared to Go Daddy. As per the price concern, Name Cheap is cheaper to renew any “.com” extensions. It takes around ten dollar for the renewal process. I will suggest this seller if you are asking for the best registrar brand for domain.

Host provider:

Website hosting is always important for a website. In recent days, many host providers give a chance to get free website hosting facility on purchase of a URL. Bluehost offers a free URL when you will sign up with them. Chose a good domain name is always depends upon you. So just follow the guidelines and think a good domain name for your website for the better popularity and success of your future website. Not only website but good quality contents always helps to improve the rank of your website. Generic traffic and numbers of visitors can give you success to make a good website. Good domain name always plays an important role to make a website more successful. I hope you will get sufficient ideas to choose a proper domain name for your website.

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