Converting PDF to PDF/A On PDFBear: Things To Know About This PDFBear Tool

Converting PDF to PDF:A On PDFBear- Things To Know About This PDFBear0

What is a PDF/A, and how does a PDF/A differ from a PDF? For starters, PDF/A is still the same PDF format; however, it has a few twists in terms of functionality. A PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of a regular PDF document. A document in a PDF/A format can easily ensure its easy and accurate reproduction that can be preserved long-term.

With this, PDFBear is one online tool that offers this PDF to PDF/A conversion. It provides this PDF to PDF/A in a streamlined manner, so you don’t have to use other online tools. The online tools that offer this PDF conversion run scarce, and most that offer it provides it in a complicated manner. With PDFBear, any PDF to PDF/A should be a breeze and a very convenient process!

PDF to PDF/A In No More Than 2 Minutes!

Converting a PDF to PDFA will not take a long time. As we said, PDFBear aims to make this PDF converter as convenient to use as possible. It does so by converting any PDF document to PDF/A in no more than two minutes! With PDFBear, you can get an accurately formatted PDF/A document in no time!

Expect PDFBear to offer this conversion in a gimmick-free manner. If we combine its gimmick-free and convenient qualities, then PDFBear easily ranks as one of the best online tools for these types of PDF conversions. Quality is just as crucial as a swift conversion process. So, PDFBear makes sure that quality is taken care of during this two-minute process.

Use this PDFBear tool if you do not want any hassle in converting PDF to PDF/A files. You do not have to wait for an accurately converted PDF/A for an extended time. You can get your PDF/A document conveniently and swiftly so you can get back to your work immediately.

4-Step Process For All PDF to PDF/A Conversions

Yes, the PDF to PDF/A converter of PDFBear can get you an accurately formatted PDF/A document within two minutes. It can do so through a four-step process that will surely get you the results you want within two minutes. This four-step process should also take care of the quality and the accuracy of the PDF to PDF/A conversion. It is also a simplified process so that any average user can convert PDF to PDF/A without problems.

The easy four-step process will start when you upload the PDF document you want to convert into PDF/A. You can select the PDF document, or you can drag and drop it on the space that this PDFBear tool provides. Then, expect that the PDF to PDF/A converter will automatically begin the conversion by scanning the PDF document. Anyone using this converter should also see that converting PDF to PDF/A through PDFBear will only require a few clicks.

For the third step, the converter won’t require any input from the user. Anyone using this PDFBear tool will have to wait for a few moments before they can download the PDF/A file. Users can download and save the newly-converted PDF/A file to their device.

PDF to PDF/A Through The PDFBear Cloud

The PDFBear Cloud and its Cloud Conversion feature is one feature that users will truly appreciate in converting PDF to PDF/A. Thanks to this Cloud Conversion tool, converting PDF to PDF/A will not use any CPU, GPU, or system memory. You can convert PDF to PDF/A using PDFBear without putting your system or device in heavy loads. 

All PDF to PDF/A conversions will occur on the PDFBear Cloud. Anyone using this PDFBear tool can save their files and documents in an instant using this Cloud system. PDFBear and its Cloud feature can serve as another storage option for any PDF or PDF/A documents. You can also use this PDFBear Cloud and your PDFBear profile to store your successfully and accurately converted PDF/A documents. 

You should have access to all of your documents, PDF, or PDF/A, from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and your web browser to access PDFBear and this PDF to PDF/A converter together with your PDFBear profile.

PDF to PDF/A On Any Device Or Platform

Anyone can access PDFBear and this PDF to PDF/A converter from any device and platform. Platform support is not an issue as most platforms support PDFBear and its PDF converters. Anyone on a Windows, Mac, or Linux system should not have any problems accessing PDFBear to convert PDF to PDF/A. Access PDFBear from Chrome, Safari, or any browser from any operating system.

The quality and accuracy of the PDF to PDF/A conversion should be the same across different platforms. Again, using Chrome, Safari from any operating system will not pose any problems in accurately converting your PDF documents to PDF/A. You will still be able to avail of a convenient PDF to PDF/A conversion regardless of the platform or system you are using.

PDFBear also works for mobile operating systems. You should be able to convert PDF to PDF/A in high-quality from the comforts of your handheld device. It will not matter if you are using an iPhone with an iOS, Android phone, or other smartphones.

PDF to PDF/A On A Secure Platform

PDFBear makes sure that it offers this PDF to PDF/A service in a secure platform. Privacy is essential for anyone looking to convert documents on an online tool. PDFBear does its part in upholding the security of its users by using 256-bit SSL encryption. This encryption should typically be enough to ensure each user that no one will look into their files after using them.

PDFBear also conducts routine maintenance of its PDFBear servers. Any uploaded documents and files to the PDFBear servers will automatically be deleted after an hour. The same one-hour duration goes for the documents you accurately converted using this PDFBear tool. This routine maintenance will occur for all PDF to PDF/A, PDF to Word, and all PDF conversions on the PDFBear portal.

PDFBear users can always opt to save their files and documents to their PDFBear profile. Saving them to your PDFBear profile will allow you to store and keep your documents and files for future use.


PDFBear is one highly-rated online tool that you can trust for your PDF to PDF/A conversions. PDFBear converts any PDF to PDF/A within two minutes and through a sure-fire four-step conversion. Without a doubt, any user can download a PDF/A document converted with high-quality and accuracy in no time! Use PDFBear today for a swift and accurate PDF to PDF/A conversion.

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