Converting PDF to PDF/A: A How-To Guide on How to Convert With PDFBear

Converting PDF to PDF:A- A How-To Guide on How to Convert With PDFBear0

PDFBear is an excellent online PDF tool that offers a plethora of services for free. It has all the tools you could think of for your file, like converting PDFs to various formats. Below contains everything you need to learn about PDFBear and its PDF to PDF/A converter tool.

The reason people are converting their PDF files to PDF/A is stability. It is the most recommended format for long-term preservation and archiving of documents. PDF/A is a version of a PDF that follows ISO standard 19005 that ensures PDFs are reproduced the same way as the original document.

How to Convert PDF to PDF/A?

Converting PDF files to your desired format is easy if you know the right process. Below is the list of procedures that will help you convert PDF to PDFA.

  • Step 1. The first step is to navigate to your smartphone or laptop’s internet browser first. Then search the PDFBear website and look for the ‘PDF to PDF/A’ button on its homepage. Click on it to access the online converter tool.
  • Step 2. To start the conversion process, upload your PDF file to the platform’s servers. Click on the ‘Select Files’ button to access your file manager and choose which PDF document you would like to convert.
  • Step 3. After uploading, you can choose from the options available on what you want to do with your file before continuing to convert it. Click ‘Start’ and wait for the system to generate a download link.
  • Step 4. To download the PDF/A file, hit the ‘Download’ button and then save it to your computer or Android Device. PDFBear also lets you send your PDF to a Google Drive account or email it to someone.

What Makes PDFBear the Best Online Tool Right Now?

Equipping a plethora of satisfying and excellent features makes PDFBear the best tool on the internet right now. With its PDF to PDF/A converter, you won’t be able to feel any hassle throughout your entire experience. Here are some of the best things about this fantastic online tool.

Highly Accessible Platform

There are platforms on the internet that aren’t accessible in some countries. Well, anyone can experience the excellent services of PDFBear. Whichever continent you came from, you can access its PDF to PDF/A converter tool. Whether you are at school, office, or work, this platform is always here to lend a hand to you anytime.

Compatible with Any Device and Platform

There are some PDF tools only compatible with computers. Well, you can use PDFBear however you like, whether with smartphones or laptops. It even supports any browsing platforms like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari on Apple devices.

PDFBear is the most recommended online platform for PDF to PDF/A conversion for compatibility. It supports any laptop or desktop computer as long as it runs Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems. You can also convert and download your files with PDFBear through your mobile device running any version of Android OS.

Secure Network

Everyone needs privacy. Even on files, some people do not want to share some of its exclusive information. Well, PDFBear wholeheartedly respects that. Since then, this platform has been a well-known online tool for trustworthiness and dependability. Your security has always been, and forever will be, its top priority.

PDFBear boasts its high-end technology regarding data protection. It is equipped with a 256-bit Encryption feature, ensuring the safety of all the files you have shared from uploading to clicking the generated link. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about data-safekeeping because PDFBear will automatically and permanently delete your files within an hour after the conversion process.

Straightforward Interface

Modifying a PDF file sounds a little complex for some. It is because a Portable Document Format is known for its read-only layout. But if you need to customize your PDF like converting it to PDF/A, try using the PDFBear platform. It provides one of the easiest interfaces with straightforward instructions embedded on its website.

PDFBear does not require you to have any tech skills. As easy as one, two, and three, you can instantly convert your files from PDF to PDF/A format. Even if it is your first time doing so, your experience will be completely hassle-free.

High-End Results

When you modify a PDF, it affects the quality of the file. Or worse, the formatting can change. PDFBear is an online PDF tool that respects the integrity of your files. It can convert your PDFs to PDF/A documents, leaving that document’s original quality without affecting its characteristics, such as formatting and layout. You can rely on this platform’s excellent performance.

Quick Conversions

PDFBear is one of the best all-in-one tools for your PDF files. In a matter of four simple steps, you can instantly convert your file from PDF to PDF/A format. Aside from high-quality conversions, this platform also boasts its quick and reliable performance. You get to do the upload, convert, and download processes in just less than two minutes.

With PDFBear, you do not have to worry about how long it takes to generate a download link. You can sit back, relax, and wait less than a minute. The system will automatically convert your file from PDF to PDF/A and generate a link for you to download. If you have to convert your PDF files as soon as possible, PDFBear is the best option for you.

No Software Installation

Some PDF tools on the internet require you to install an offline application before converting your files. It is quite a burden for some people having a device with full storage capacity or not a fan of downloading and installing software. You get to convert PDF to PDF/A in as simple as accessing the website, uploading, and downloading the file.


Now that you already know how to convert PDF to PDF/A, consider PDFBear your top online tool for converting, rotating, organizing, optimizing, and securing your PDFs.

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