Convert Your PDF File Into PDFA With GogoPDF Converting Tool

Convert Your PDF File Into PDFA With GogoPDF Converting Tool0

PDF to PDFA conversion is possible if you utilize GogoPDF services. Using their converting tool will save you time and effort, and can give you the highest quality output. GogoPDF is a reliable tool that you can access online without downloading added plugins for it to work. 

They provide you a variety of features that would come in handy for file modifications. We suggest seeking reliable and fast converting tools to avoid certain mishaps and file theft. This article will serve as your guide for GogoPDF’s converting process and features to have a successful conversion. 

What You Need To Know About PDFA

Converting PDF to PDFA is easy and possible with the help of GogoPDF. If you wonder why users modify their portable document format into PDFA, we will show you the advantages you can have in PDFA formats. When it comes to longevity, PDFA can preserve your documents and contents longer than any other format. 

PDFA was developed for faster and easier file rendering that works on any operating systems you have. Although files that are exported in a portable document format works well, there are instances that it can’t be read on updated operating systems that you are currently using. 

Rendering problems happen because PDF does not contain non-embedded elements, unlike the PDFA format. Such elements include fonts, and there are possible changes of content if the operating system or the type of pdf viewer you are using is not compatible. Thus, giving you a hard time reconstructing the contents of your file. 

Luckily, PDFA formats avoid rendering errors from occurring. Knowing PDFA could make a huge difference for your documents. Aside from that, PDFA allows you to create copies of your original file and doesn’t make any changes to your content. 

PDFA is a file type under PDF, but they differ on reliability and content retaining properties. Thus making it the main reason people convert their PDFs into PDFA format and ensuring that your file’s protection and ability to open on any viewers you use is important to them. 

The best thing about PDFA is that creators have incorporated a protection system that will provide digital verification signatures whenever you use operating systems. This way, you will not worry about unnecessary changes or content alterations. With GogoPDF’s PDF to PDFA converter, it is possible to acquire these benefits by saving files in a PDFA format.  

Initiating File Conversion By Uploading A PDF 

It would be best to use accurate, reliable, fast, and user-friendly online tools to have a successful PDF to PDFA conversion. In this case, GogoPDF services are considered to be the best online tool to go for. For generating your PDF into PDFA, the website will require users to upload or transfer the PDF file they wish to be modified. 

This step can be accomplished by directing yourself into the interface of PDF to PDFA converting tool by choosing the desired tool from their list of services. Once you are redirected to the page, you can either choose to upload it manually or drag it easily on the box provided. These two simple ways are created for users to transfer their PDF effortlessly. 

A button located on the center of the screen allows you to manually select your PDF file from your device and upload it to their system. GogoPDF converter will only initiate the process if your file has been uploaded. Your request will be processed in no time once you follow the first step. 

GogoPDF made sure that users will not experience mishaps and difficulties when using their services. Either of the two given ways, you will still have the ability to convert it according to your needs. GogoPDF’s efficient features make people choose their services. If file uploading is complete, you will proceed to a refreshed web interface. 

PDFA Conformance

You have easy-to-follow instructions on the website’s interface that will give you more details about PDFA conversion. If you want to downgrade the conformance level, you can do so by ticking the visible checkbox on the page. GogoPDF will only process the changes according to your preference and will not apply additional changes. 

Downgrading will only reduce its level of conformity but not alter the contents of your file. The contents of your file will remain as it is. Once you click the blue button labeled “Convert to PDFA now,” the system will generate the file and convert it into a PDFA format. 

File’s Security And PDFA Download

In terms of security, GogoPDF made sure that the users’ files will not be subject to file theft and unauthorized file sharing. Their system will automatically delete their files after the whole process, leaving no trace for possible hackers. GogoPDF will protect your data and its contents from giving you a worry-free experience. 

From choosing the level of conformance for your PDFA file, your file will immediately be generated. Their system will follow the way you would want your PDFA to be. The whole conversion process of your PDF to PDFA will complete in a short waiting time without experiencing conversion problems.

If the file has been successfully modified, it will be ready for saving or downloading. Saving a file to your device is easy with GogoPDF. With only one click, you can directly transfer the converted PDFA. Tap the download button, and you will be notified once the downloading process is complete. 


All formats have different characteristics and functionality, but it is good to have a file that can render and work on operating systems and viewing applications. This way, you can immediately present your documents for your work, school presentations, business matters, and more. With GogoPDF, you can easily get your file converted into PDFA in a few clicks. 

Now that you know more about PDFA, its benefits, and how to convert your PDF file, you will not worry about facing errors upon using it. GogoPDF is a user-friendly service provider that you can access on any devices you have on hand. Just find a reliable internet connection and web browser, and you are good to go. 

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