Convert Files Fast and Easy with GogoPDF

Convert Files Fast and Easy with GogoPDF0

With digitalization, more and more of our tasks are done on laptops or desktop computers in different document forms. However, as our work demands different types of documents, converting them has become a challenge. GogoPDF has determined to make your life easier with these fantastic converting tools.


PDF is one of the most favored document formats by companies worldwide because it’s much more secure than others. To preserve the data, you can convert PDF to PDFA and make your data viewable for more years to come. 

Before we talk about this impressive tool on GogoPDF, let’s talk about PDFA. This document format is similar to your ordinary PDFs. It’s safe, but turning it to PDFA will make it compatible. You will never have to worry about compatibility issues moving forward. What makes a PDF to PDFA tool great? It removes features of a document unnecessary for long-term archiving. It is also ISO-standardized, meaning it doesn’t matter what software is used for reproducing the file. 

GogoPDF lets you convert PDF to PDFA in a matter of seconds. It gives you the option to upload your PDF directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, device storage, or even drop the file on the “Select Files Button.” You can choose among eight conformance levels before hitting the “Convert to PDFA” button to convert your file.

You have to check the “Allow Downgrade of PDFA Compliance Level” before converting your file. GogoPDF must downgrade your files to make them viewable even when technology changes. Then, your PDF will be converted to PDFA in a matter of seconds.

GogoPDF also allows you to download your files directly to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or straight to your device storage. However, if your colleagues want their copy of your file, you can send them the link and share it with them via email or other messaging platforms.


For people working on the go, mobile devices are their best friends, but some of them can’t view PDFs without downloading an app. One solution to this problem is by turning your PDFs into JPG. 

All smartphones or tablets used for work now can view images in different formats and quality. If your client or boss requires you to send files into JPG format, you can simply convert your PDFs, whether you’re on the bus on the way home or anywhere with GogoPDF. 

Just like any other tools on GogoPDF, the PDF to JPG tool is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac. You can also upload the PDFs from your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. On the free version, you can only upload one PDF at a time. If you want to upload several files, you can upgrade to GogoPDF’s Pro account. 

After uploading your files, click the “Choose Option” button and wait for your files to be converted! You don’t have to wait for long hours just to get this done. Similar to other tools, you can also save your PDFs to your Dropbox, Google Drive, and device storage. 

If you don’t have enough storage, you can just copy the link so you can download your files at a later time. You can also share the link with your colleagues so that they will be the only ones who can access the files and download them. Moreover, you can send your document’s link via email by choosing the “Share via Email” option.


One of the most sought after conversion tools by people at work and school is a Word to PDF converting tool. Some people even download converting software tools to do this task, and some free conversion tools online produce inaccurate results that make our lives much more difficult. 

With GogoPDF, you can turn your Word file to PDF in no time! Your files are safe and secured since the tool will only save your files for an hour. The tool will never require you to customize your files beforehand since it will automatically do it for you.

Just like the other tools on GogoPDF, you can download it to your Dropbox, Google Drive, and directly to your device’s storage. But it gets better! You have the option to merge the documents, compress, sign, and even convert the documents into JPG. Lastly, you can share the files via email and URL.


Another document to PDF conversion to use in GogoPDF is the EXCEL to PDF tool! Data is what most companies work today, and these are usually inputted on Microsoft Excel. Businesses have unlocked several features on EXCEL that have proven to be useful. 

During meetings, excel data are usually presented and interpreted. However, these files often get corrupted. To keep your data safe and ready for presentation, you can convert your EXCEL files to PDFs in GogoPDF! Like WORD to PDF conversion, it doesn’t really require lengthy steps to finish converting the EXCEL files.

After uploading your files, the tool will start to convert, and your PDFs will be ready in no time. Before downloading your files to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or device storage, you can choose to merge, split, or turn your files into JPG! Moreover, you can also send the file link to social media platforms or via email for download.


IT professionals will surely benefit from this tool. If you are going to an essential presentation of your web page samples, you can use the HTML to PDF feature on GogoPDF! Just paste the URL of your HTML file or web page and hit “Convert to PDF” to proceed to the conversion!

Your PDf will be ready in a couple of seconds. It has the same saving options, just like the previously mentioned tools in this article. What makes this tool better is its editing options before downloading the files. You can convert the files to JPG and compress the files. To add more protection, you can add a watermark or add a password.


Are you always in a rush? Or are you having trust issues with converting tools online? With GogoPDF, your files are always safe and secure. Try working on your files with GogoPDF and share the tools with your colleagues, students, and friends!

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