E-commerce is the short form for electronic commerce which serves the purpose of selling and purchasing of various products as per the liking of the buyer and seller. E-commerce can be done by several ways such as by the use of mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic...
E-commerce is defined as purchase and sales through online transaction which has now become extremely important in our daily life. By 2020, the revenue of the e-commerce sector of economy will rise to 4 Trillion US Dollars. This article here showcases the impact of E-commerce in the United States and the top 10 E-commerce sites...
ECommerce is just another way of selling and making purchases of the items of our liking. One may have wondered how and what makes it so different and efficient when the world was about to experience ECommerce. What makes it different, is that everything, from selling or purchasing literally anything in today’s times, can happen...
E-commerce is defined as selling and purchasing of goods and materials thoroughly online transactions. Now a days everything is available at our doorstep by just one click. There is no point of going physically anywhere and just sit at home and buy whatever you feel like. This has immensely benefitted those countries specifically who have...
The constant rise in the conversion of the operations of the world from working manually to handing operations through a digital medium has made the world more advanced and technologized.  The sudden growth in today’s working scenario has led to an increase in the economy all over the world. The goods are being traded among...
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