Businessmen: Elevate your Style with these Style Tips

Businessmen- Elevate your Style with these Style Tips0

Becoming a businessman means that you should look the part. Businessmen, or at least corporate types, always need to dress their best, every day, in order not just to be “on,” but also to project an image. While it is true that modern CEO’s and industry leaders have changed the way businessmen should dress in the past decade, there are still basic fundamental practices that are too much of a pillar to get rid of.

That’s not to say that these remaining pillars will stand erect for the rest of the time. We don’t know how fashion and style will evolve in the next decade or so, but there are classics styling choices that will be regurgitated every few years because they just work. For budding businessmen, or a successful CEO was thrown into the world of high-ranking clients too much too soon, here’s a quick primer in elevating your style:

Get an automatic watch

We are living in a smartphone-centric world. That much is true. And with smartphones come smartwatches. In fact, the watch industry is projected to have its next boom in the next five years because of smartwatches. It’s understandable that getting a smartwatch is tempting. But there’s nothing like a self-winding watch to pair with any clothing choice you have. Trust us when we say, getting a quality, top of the line automatic watch will save you some decision fatigue on accessories down the line.

For the uninitiated, an automatic watch is considered by purists as the most beautiful of watch movements. It’s also the first movement that powered stopwatches in wars and etc. A Swiss-made automatic watch will instantly elevate your style, no matter the mood of your outfit. Whether it’s casual, formal, or black tie, automatic watches lends itself to be worn with these style choices.

So what are your choices here? The obvious are Rolexes and Omegas, but that’s for amateur hour. If you don’t want the flashy aesthetic and want to keep what you wear toned down yet sophisticated at the same time, brands like Frederique Constant should do the trick. It’s a Swiss brand with the right heritage, plus the brand doesn’t put astronomical prices on their timepieces.

Another great option is Seiko and Grand Seiko. Seiko is the premier Japanese watchmaker, loved by aficionados worldwide for its continued effort to make the best movements, whether self-winding or quartz. Going for the unorthodox choices will serve you well when it comes to watches, so research is key to getting the right daily driver for you. 

Invest in one well-fitted three-piece suit

This couldn’t be stressed enough. Every single businessman worth his salt should have a well-fitting three-piece suit in his closet. While most people will view this one as an expensive investment, you can actually find off the rack choices that fit well, provided that you have the right body type for it. If you don’t have the perfect mannequin body, forget it. Finding a tailor will do you more good.

The first telltale sign that your suit is well-fitting is when the shoulders end on your actual shoulders. Only a reputable tailor can give you the right fit for this, but if you can find something off the rack that does fit well on your shoulders, you can then proceed to check the buttons, length, and chest fit. For chest fit, your flat hand should easily slide in the lapels.

Add personality to your ties

Ties are where you can inject a little bit of your personality. Thinner ties are very contemporary, and while they do make a better choice when compared to their counterparts, they can also scream inelegant when worn the wrong way. Ties with the standard width are usually the go-to, and while it’s great to have an assortment of them, making sure that your personality shines through is key.

Always follow the dress code

As of writing, there are at least five dress codes for men: casual, smart casual, business casual, business professional, and cocktail attire styles. The lines are blurred in some of these codes, especially with business casual and professional, but the first three are the ones that are used in modern times. Business professional is widely used if you’re working for a Fortune 500 company, but when you’re an entrepreneur, the smart and business casual should be your focus.

Making your way to the top means that you’ll be invited to some events and parties to do networking and such. Always follow the dress code written on the invitation. If there’s none, don’t hesitate to ask. If it’s a client meeting, business casual or professional should be your default. Always remember to be as crisp as you can be. If possible, bring a suit everywhere you go. This way, you can easily slip on acceptable attire even at the last minute.

Invest in several crisp, button-down shirts

The business professional dress code means that you have to have button-down shirts that mean business. These shirts are the classic pressed, long-sleeved, collared numbers that hugs your body in a way that’s fitting but still have room for you to breathe. A telltale sign that a shirt is top-notch is that it has the collar structure to go well with a tie size. It should frame your ties in a way that’s flattering. 

Invest in these button-down collared shirts. These are versatile pieces of clothing that you can use for formal and casual events. If you find a brand that fits you well, get several of it, in different colors. Always have a white, black, and a couple of warm-toned hues. Diversify your choices to other brands as well, but only invest in those that really fit your body type excellently.


Making your mark in this world can be tough. Being a businessman, taking the time out to really see your project through, and doing all the hard work for it is a pretty admirable trait. But you don’t have to look sloppy doing it! So make sure you follow these tips to elevate your style instantly!

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