Top 10 Bluehost Alternatives


This is one of the oldest web hosts which started in the year 1996. It had become a very successful brand when associated with WordPress. This is an official word press recommended host provider. With the invention of the Bluehost, an individual would not have to worry about their website being slow even when there is several traffic on it.

They have an intense support system staff that can be availed easily by phone, email, or live chat. This has been rated as the topmost web hosting which is recommended for small businesses. Above all this, they have even offered to be a free domain, free SSL, and have an exclusive discount offer as well with a free site builder and templates. 

These are a few of the features of the Bluehost which are recommended by people. The performance of the blue host has been great because of its speed and extensive server response. It is completely reliable at all times. They have extensive customer support which helps the customer at any given point when there is an issue of technical support.

They have amazing features as a web host. They are quite attractive. It has an amazing pricing value. Bluehost has really good plans which are attractive to the users. Bluehost truly is one of the best Web hosting companies coming to think when it is associated with WordPress. 

Pros and Cons of BlueHost: 


  • Pricing Plan: This hosting provider has amazing pricing plans which are very attractive to the users. Their pricing plans are very affordable and suitable for people. 
  • Reliability: Due to the availability of the technical staff at all times of one of the plus points of this Hosting company. They can power several websites with very minimal downtime. 
  • No hidden charges: Charges are not hidden at any time when an individual signs up. 
  • Free domain: An individual would get a free domain for a year after signing up. 


  • Higher domain pricing for renewal: The renewal plan for domains is at a higher cost. 
  • Upselling Addons: The advertising for the upsell process during the signup process is quite aggressive but one can uncheck the boxes soon as well. 

Bluehost is one of the biggest players in the market of the web hosting industry. It has been recommended by several blogging websites as well. This is one of the most popular choices for people to start a website when they start blogging. But recently there have been some reviews about this company which has been affecting people’s choice. The quality of this provider has apparently deteriorated. They aren’t that fast, reliable, or sustainable as they were before. This article focuses on the alternatives of Bluehost which are now coming into the market and are in high demand by people. These alternatives given below are suggested to the readers after careful research on its performance and market study. These were the best and the closest alternative that has come up and is quite close to the working of BlueHost. 

Top 10 Bluehost Alternatives


This is one of the greatest alternatives to Bluehost and has been recommended widely by WordPress. This web host provider offers a customized panel that would be easy to control by the users. It has a control panel that is easy to use and has an industry-standard software. This makes permitting the user to execute the demands rapidly. The installation process of other blogging apps apart from WordPress is also easy. This web host provider offers three kinds such as Startup, Grow big, and GoGeek. The first type called Startup is an excellent choice for people who have started a new business. It includes storage of 10 GB and 10,000 visitors per month. But an individual can only host one website on this provider. There are several plans in this web hosting provider where an individual can easily upgrade themselves. This plan comes with various features which will help the user to prevent spam and even other virus or malicious actors. Are user can integrate their CDN account which will enable them to avail of the fast delivery of the contents of the site to their respective viewers situated all over the world. 

The user while selecting their hosting provider must also take notice of the support service factors. This is an efficient support service that can prevent the website from getting into trouble or enabling viruses. They have excellent customer support and the staff is very friendly and available at all times. They have several videos on tutorials on how to manage this web hosting service. SiteGround has various other features such as account isolation, backup system, and a built-in encrypt. 


  • Friendly and quick support staff 
  • Have an amazing infrastructure 
  • Great security layers and a good built-in encrypt SSL 


  • They have limited visitors 
  • It has costly plans 


This was found in the year 2002 and it had become one of the biggest hosting companies worldwide. They have amazing host implants, reliable web hosting, and great quality of customer service which made their growth in the world enormously. They have their headquarters in Houston, Texas. This web post service has over 8 million users and employs about 850. The speed of this web hosting provider is recommended by several people. They have great performance and they always minimize their downtime. One can upgrade their hosting account if they get more visitors. But it is seen that the content of the website starts to determine the page load time. This can lead to affecting the speed. They have a variety of hosting plans where one can choose from shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting Plans. 

They have amazing and suitable plans for its users. The shared hosting plan is the best way where an individual starts the website where they face low traffic. Cloud hosting is the best plan to spike up the traffic. The WordPress hosting optimizes the performance and protects the website from any attack or virus. The virtual private sector will allow the user to manage their virtual resources from a cloud hosting platform. It is best for users who get frequent traffic spikes. The Dedicated server is usually for users who wish to manage the whole website just by themselves. This is a great web host for beginners. They have a customer service that is available for 24 hours. Overall, this is a really good and stable web host with an amazing performance rate. 


  • It is a reliable host provider 
  • It has a flexible billing period 
  • It offers free migration services 


  • They don’t give free domains 
  • They have an aggressive way of upwelling 


This company has been operating since 1996 and is quite an experienced web host provider. The company offers hosting services in all kinds of areas where the domain name registering is quite easy. They have outstanding performance when it comes to uptime and also handling traffic services. The repetition of this company is quite good in the market. It is an astonishing fact that this company provides a free trial for about 97 days without any refund, unlike any other web hosting company. They have several plans of pricing which are quite attractive to the users. The uptime for the websites never seems to fall below 99.9% and this is quite an ideal one. They offer unlimited hosting, storage, bandwidth, and email account. One of their factors is that the domain name can only be on a single account. If an individual seeks to purchase it for multiple sites then they would have to upgrade their plan which will increase the cost and we should then plan to buy an account of this WebHost provider. For the new entries to this web host provider, they are given a free domain name with privacy protection as well. 

There will be several add-ons to the privacy protection which will keep the malicious factors away and the personal information safe. The user would also get a free SSL certificate which can be activated easily. It offers inbuilt customer support which is only available through email, Twitter, or live chat. They do not have any customer service support through phone or a control panel. This is a very simple web host to manage and there is no complexity in its building.


  • It can host on SSD Drives 
  • It has an easy CloudFare integration 
  • It has a free domain and privacy protection 


  • Their customer service support is not very quick in response


This is claimed to be one of the best alternatives of the Bluehost with great qualities. The reason why the Bluehost had started getting its name down in the market is that we had started compromising on infrastructure and marketing. But this web host provider does not compromise on any of these factors and operates with a goal to provide fast and reliable hosting solutions. They have also claimed in the market to give the fastest service to all its users. They are an optimizer of SSD and several other innovative technologies. This web host is very fast in its functioning since it downloads the website with Milliseconds and gives a very smooth experience to all its users. Apart from a load time, their uptime is also said to be very critical. They have cleared the industry standards keeping the site in the visitor and customer axis. We have been credited as an irritating web host provider. It is also an amazing fact to know that this website gives a refund within the first 30 days of service. It focuses on providing an unlimited solution for web hosting. Interestingly, the users will be surprised to know the fact that all its plans come with unlimited bandwidth as well as a database. 

For example, an individual can host one website with five subdomains and 25 other Park to the means. On the higher plan of this web host, we can definitely get other unlimited plans. Unlike a blue host, this web host provider has amazing customer service support and has committed to increasing its sales service. They also offer a free website migration to its users.


  • It has unlimited storage and bandwidth 
  • It has a great customer support 
  • It has a free migration service and great uptime 


  • Initially, it can be difficult to understand at the first go 


This is available at the same price rate as BlueHost. It is a much cheaper service provider to WordPress hosting services. This is to be a much better platform than many other web host providers as per the market review. They have hosted about 30,000 websites in their hosting service. They had become widely popular after taking part in an environmental activity dealing with a renewable machine. One can host unlimited websites with a single account in this web host provider. They wouldn’t even have to worry about their traffic load, uptime, and the SSD storage space. GreenGeeks unlike BlueHost does not charge a penny for site transfer. They have a great security wall and one wouldn’t face issues due to its high wall security. It also functions at a great speed due to its upgrade to SSD RAID-10 Storage, PHP7 plan, and a caching tool that is inbuilt. Since uptime is more important as a factor than speed, GreenGeeks fulfill the industry standards by about 99.9%. They have incredible customer support staff as well. They have domains such as SSL, Migration, and CloudFare factors where the individual would have to learn on their own. 


  • It is affordable and cost-effective 
  • One can host unlimited websites 
  • It has a free SSL and SEO tool 


  • A user would have to learn to manage on their own 

WP Engine:

This is one of the best web providers known in the market for managed hosting, supporting personal sites, business sizes of small and large companies. It is well-known for managing the website for large companies such as Rogers, Telus, and Asana. This web host provider aims to provide information managed hosting solutions for WordPress exclusively. Its headquarters are based in the United States in Austin, Texas. This was founded on 1st March by three people namely Benatcalfe, Bullen Wilson, and Jason Cohen. They have their offices at several places such as San Francisco, London, San Antonio, Ireland, and Limerick. This web host company is a little bit pricier than the several other companies which have been mentioned above. It includes features such as a Genesis framework, has multiple themes that are very attractive. It has 24/7 chat support to help its users. One can transfer sites in this web host company and it has an automated SSL certificate. There are four plants that are available in this web host namely the start-up, growth, scale, and custom. The starter plan will allow the users to install a single word press site. And it supports the growth of about 25,000 visits per month. The user will also have 10 GB of local storage and 50 GB of bandwidth per month. 

The growth plan will allow the visitors to support about one lakh visits per month and one can install about five sites on this plan. They have about 20 GB of local storage and 200 GB of bandwidth per month. This plan offers the certificate of SSL and 24/7  support to the users via phone. The plan of growth is of a much higher capacity than the other two plans mentioned above. It has about four lakh visitors per month and offers its users to get 30 GB of local storage and 400 GB of bandwidth per month. It is beneficial for large and growing businesses. The last plan which is custom will meet none of the packages of the above because this is a plan which will be customized by the user according to their Web hosting packages with respect to traffic or storage or the band with options. They do not provide any plans for the control panel. The interface is very clean and intuitive. One can access the serial or the sites through the Control Panel. This web host company promises to give an uptime of 99.95% apart from its downtime and whenever there is maintenance. This company also makes the process of migration much simpler for its users. Customer service can be available 24 hours a day via a live chat, email, and phone. But the phone service plan is not available for the cheapest plan. That also has great security packages for its users. 


  • It is a free and stable server 
  • It can automatically back up sites 
  • There are free CDN, SSL, and themes


  • It is not that expensive 
  • There is no email support 

InMotion Hosting:

This is very important to a web hosting company since it plays a very crucial role in the success of many websites. This is one of the best host providers in the market with amazing pricing plans as well. The characteristics of this host provider are very interesting which attracts the people in the market. It has features such as unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts which attract the users.

 It also has an advertising credit and security measures which attract the people. It offers the maximum speed according to other web host providers. It has an SSD hosting plan to host the sites at a much quicker rate. One can cancel their subscription from this company within 90 days and get their money refunded as well. It offers a control panel for account management which is quite easy to set up and navigate. There are no complex technical skills which will confuse the people to use. The basic plan of this web host has about 2 domains. This plan is very budget-conscious for users who are on the right budget and yet wish to open a website. It also offers great help to many individuals in their business plans. They have a free domain as well. A user can avail of the backup plan facility as well. One can easily update their plan and shift to a newer version without any difficulty. They have a support team that is available at all times and can even connect through Skype apart from email, phones, and live chat. There are some issues regarding the downtime which is around 99%. 


  • It has a great refund policy 
  • It has free site transfers 
  • It has a high-performance rate and speed 


  • There are issues regarding the downtime

Cloud Hosting:

This is a very popular web hosting service which happens to be on the basis of the cloud. The users can select from one of the platforms mentioned Amazon and Google Cloud Platforms. One can start by signing a three-day trial program and then it is proved to be quite a flexible web Hoster with a great display. It has an amazing infrastructure as well. To balance the traffic on the website load, it has the traditional shared VPS and is dedicated to other hosting plans. The monthly hosting plan starts from $10 with a 20 5GB storage and 1 TB of monthly data transfer. There are several plans with extended up to 3840GB of storage. This does not offer any doom registration. 

This is a very user-friendly website and it does not get confusing to the users. This is the best website for the word plus users since the installation process is quite easy. There is also an auto-update and it makes the backup is much easier. They have many e-commerce tools and have an attractive security package. It offers a free SSL certificate and protects the user from getting any virus or malicious factors. This web host provider company also provides an excellent time. It is quite stable in its growth, unlike several other websites. It offers a 24/7  customer service which means that they can avail the customer support at any time given to any mode of form. They can avail of their request through phones, emails, or Skype calls as well. It is quite easy to set up, flexible posting plans, and with excellent uptime, this can be the perfect choice for individuals. Cloudways are an excellent choice and are advised for people to buy. It supports numerous applications and has the faculty of site cloning. They do not cost any penny for migration purposes. It is overall a very powerful web host company. 


  • It is easy to set up 
  • It has excellent uptime and is compatible with several applications 
  • It is very very flexible with whichever account the user avails 


  • There is no option for domain registration 
  • Emailing can cost extra money via customer support 


This web host service started in the year of 2013. This does not seem to be ordinary Control Panel admin that manages the hosting account. It can be made at the terms and wishes of the user. This is a fully well-managed WordPress hosting platform and it lands on a Google cloud platform. There are three plans for this hosting service called business, enterprise, and custom. The business which is the most basic plan is the ability of the individual to run it on the motorway site. It has 10 GB of SSD storage and can only allow 20,000 visits per month. It only allows 1 free migration to a site only. A user can get directed to 1 CDN site of their choice and there is a premium DNS management. It has an optimized backup which allows the daily backups. The backups are created instantly.

Hosting firms have a few restrictions which will be on the basis of the CDM. Through the panel of the hosting website, one can focus on the daily and regular tasks easily. It will give a more analytical approach because everything is visible on the top. This site is very reliable plus it is very good when it comes to performance. It has received multiple positive reviews and is quite fast and its performance. This has been a very fast-growing WordPress company as well. The installation and setting up of Kinsta is quite easy as well. There are just a few simple steps where one would require to go after going to the panel. Kinsta, unlike other web hosting platforms, gives a large platform for hosting services. It is a much more optimized platform. Due to its backup facility, it has very good security as well. 


  • It is a large platform which is easy to set up and install 
  • It has a large cloud service 


  • It can be a bit pricey 

WPX Hosting:

This is one of the most affordable options when coming to comparison with the other Web hosting services with WordPress. They have three plants namely business, professional, and a lead. Their first plan, which is the business, gives the user the right to make five websites. It is a very well equipped and fast hosting service. This hosting company was built as an answer to a lot of people’s problems with what they face with other hosting companies. This had come to the market in 2013. It is a very fast loading website. It has a quick response in its speed. It has a free CDN which helps in delivering the content very easily. This allows viewers situated in different countries to visit the oh easily. It can handle a large amount of traffic and has an improved security system because of the cloud system that it is built with. It has a few SSL certificates as well which a lot of sites do not have. With this, they can protect the site from harmful viruses. 

It also has free migration. The migration can complete within 24 hours. This web hosting service also enables the user to do free daily backups. The back up to be done securely within every 28 days and automatically. This has a free enterprise level of DDoS protection for all its customers. This web hosting service is known for its speed and great customer support service. Their service or customer support is available at all times for 24 hours. It can be available through phone, email, live chat or even Skype. This has many free add-ons that were not visible in WordPress. It has quite a big Stage area as well.


  • It has great speed and can handle traffic 
  • It has a great customer support service 
  • Has several add one and good security service 


  • It can be a bit pricey 


This article here is for the readers who wish to search for other web hosting services with better plans apart from the BlueHost. Due to BlueHost’s marketing which has come down and it’s services people these days are in search of better and reliable ones. There are several of them available on the Internet but it is hard to find the most reliable one. This article here has enlisted the most reliable ones after careful research and study. These sites mentioned above are very safe and have proper plans. These are even approved and have been in the market for a pretty long time and doing great business for themselves as well. Hence, we recommend our readers to use the ones mentioned above here only for their benefit. These sites are even decently priced and have great plans which are often found to be very attractive to the users. 

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