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Choosing the best web hosting services is the foundation of every online business. Whether you are a beginner who is growing a new website and building the audience from the bottom, or you are a veteran who already has everything and is aiming for the next best thing.

To find a good web hosting can be a cumbersome job and requires a lot of money and time.

Two factors are crucial in deciding the web host, and they are uptime and load time. You have to keep in mind the performance data too. The brief process review is mentioned in details below.

Firstly we sign up through the web hosting plan that our choice of host provides.

Then a new WordPress website is laced.

After that, you need to reflect the performance like speed and uptime

Then you have to check the features, pricing, customer review, and limitations.

This article has a very uptight ranking formula that is based on average speed, average uptime, and cost. Let us dive into the section and have a detailed look at all the best website hosting providers.

Top 10 Best Website Hosting Providers

Here is a brief list of all the best web host that has made a mark in the market in 2019:

1. Bluehost – ($2.75/mo)

Bluehost is one of the top-rated website hosting companies due to the boom in their uptime and speed form in the last 16 months, which is unbelievable. It is approximately 99.99% uptime with a speed of 0.41ms.

They have a special price for the first three years, that is of $2.75/mo. It comes with features like , domain name is free, and website builder, one-click install Drupal, WordPress, Joomal. So if you are juvenile and just starting the website, Bluehost is the best option for you. They possess a 30-day money-back guarantee,that is fantastic. 

They have an unmetered bandwidth that can store from 50 GB to an unlimited storage. But, it all depends on the plan you choose. It is recommended by experts to select the original plan.

The SSL certificate is included in all the plans for free. Bluehost has a built-in panel in addition to the control panel that lets you change the settings and manage all the website is natural and simple ways. They alone host about 850k websites, making them the leading company.


  • Most reliable uptime
  • Quick Load Time 
  • Affordable “Intro” Cost ($2.75/mo)
  • Easy to Use and Signup
  • Firm Support (Live Chat and Phone)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • No Free Site Migrations

2. HostGator – ($2.99/mo)

HostGator cloud is the best website hosting 2019 that gives its users with unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and mail accounts.

This site provides free migration when you decide to transfer your website from one host to another. It is hassle-free. The graph from the last 16 months is pretty good with a load time of 432 ms and uptime of 99.98%.

Experts say that this is one of the fastest hosts and has perfect servers for all the WordPress websites. The centers are basically in the US, but it serves the customers all around the world efficiently.

The pricing varies for beginners and increases after you have ended the beginners period. They have a fast and efficient live chat and SSL certificate with daily backups.

HostGator powers up to 800k websites. It provides 24/7 customer support and one-click set-up to users so that they can launch their WordPress websites very quickly. HostGator have dedicated hosting servers. They are in the business since 2007 and the first choice of millions of websites.


  • Good Uptime
  • Accelerated Load Time 
  • FREE Site Migration
  • Neither Bandwidth nor Storage Limit
  • Limitless Email Accounts
  • Free SSL Included


  • Higher Renewal Cost

3. Hostinger – ($0.80/mo)

Hostinger is the cheapest website hosting provider that costs you only $0.80/mo. But, you have to choose an extended subscription of 48 months.

They have a lot of data centers that are spread around the world in seven different regions.

Bandwidth and databases are unlimited until you choose the “Single Web Hosting plan.” If you prefer it, you get a limited space on the disk that is of 10 GB, 100 Gb of bandwidth with one MySQL database and one mail account.

Although this is the cheapest website hosting provider, it still managed to reach a uptime of 99.91%. This is the data of 16 months. If we look at the 15 months of data, then the uptime was at a stable 99.97%. The average payload time is quite firm at 0.37 ms.

Unfortunately, everything does not come that cheap. The crucial add ons are not included in the original plans that are SSL certificate and priority support that will give you some more money back.

Similarly for Bluehost, it gives a 30-day money-back bond on every hosting plans that it provides to the users.


  • Fast Load Time
  • Cheapest Plan ($0.80/mo)
  • Datacenters in 7 Regions
  • FREE Domain Name (1 year)
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • 30 Days Money Back


  • SSL Not Included

4. SiteGround – ($3.95/mo)

This website host provider provides a price of $3.95/mo for a minimal of 12 months, and the price after 12 months is of $11.95/mo. Siteground is one of the cheapest website hostings that makes it to our list.

They sure have a sturdy price tag to it, but it is justifiable by the free SSL certificate, CDN, daily backups, site migration, and mail accounts.

Another impressive feature that it has is the WordPress features including highly dignified and knowledgeable support team and a cPanel.

But your site will be limited to a storage space of 10 GB only, 10,000 monthly visits and fast but not that fast speed of 713 ms. Then it becomes quite harder to sell.

They have a discount for WPBegginers, which is the source of attraction for many new users. Features of SiteGround includes; automatic upgrades, built-in WP caching, CDN, one-click staging, and GIT version control. SiteGround is the best option for a DIYer

Although the right side about this is they have centers across the US, Asia, and Europe. They have a big market and intimidating reputation plus ample of services for the customers.


  • Very Good Uptime
  • Quick and Expert Support
  • High-Performance WordPress Hosting
  • Free Site Migration
  • Straightforward to Use, includes cPanel


  • ‘Setup Fee’ for Monthly Billing
  • Confined Storage Space

5. GoDaddy – ($3.66/mo)

GoDaddy is a humongous brand which is the most popular in the market. It is the most well-known website host provider in the market.

But let us look at the performance, and the fast page speed GoDaddy promises to provide.

Well, the page loading of GoDaddy is fast that is slightly above 500 ms 

They claim to provide a 100 GB of website storage space, which is a lot. Additionally, they provide a free trial of their website builder and unmetered bandwidth.

The brand has keen-witted marketing tricks and highly pried upsells that are humongous  in numbers like charge for site backups, SSL certificates, email accounts, and so on. It gets harder and harder to provide confidence to the brand’s reputation.

There is a lot of bold money grabs that GoDaddy provides in the pricing system. Plus, they have an inefficient customer support team and nothing free is provided by it unlike other sites like unlimited mail accounts and industry-standard SSL certificate. All these things make it hard to recommend and promote this website host provider.

You can test your website in a safe environment instead of your live site. Other companies charge this feature a lot but is charged real low by GoDaddy. It is best suited for small business websites on a low budget.


  • Good Uptime 
  • Quick Load Time 
  • Many Exceptional Features
  • Well Established Brand


  • Unstable Support
  • Emails, Backups, and SSL Cost Extra

6. WebHostingBuzz – ($4.99/mo)

WebHostingBuzz is established in the year 2002, and it specializes in the UK website hosting market.

It has more than 250+ server locations spread around the world. The site load time is approximately 474 ms, and the average uptime of 99.98%, which is what they advertise. This “under the radar behemoth” returns a lot of profit to the table.

The customer support service of WebHostingBuzz is the best by far. They have all the answers to technical questions, and they answer in less time of the query posted. They provide a 45-day money-back guarantee, limitless bandwidth, free site migrations, 20 GB disk space, and domain at a low price of $4.99/mo. They seem to be the best website hosting provider that one can come across.

Although there is a 12-month minimum payment term added to the 48-month minimum payment term that comes at the advertised price of $4.99. With other web host providers, you can get a lot more with this amount and payment strategy.


  • Good Load Time 
  • Great Support
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Migrations & Domain Name
  • Steadfast Uptime


  • Payment Terms

7. A2Hosting – ($3.92/mo)

This is the best hosting provider of 2019 that is based in the United States of America. A2 Hosting is, by far, the most fastest shared website host that is tested.

They have smoothly managed to achieve 336 ms average load time that is calculated over 16 months of the period. Their plans provide limitless bandwidth and storage,, domain name, free site migration, free SSL certificate and very responsive customer support that is phone and live chat. A2 Hosting’s customer services support both.

It is the favorite hosting provider due to the services it gives to its users. They have two bug problems that restrict it from being in the top three list. The two important issues are mentioned below.

Firstly, it is the uptimes of this website host. The average uptime goes to only 99.92% and the dependence if A2’s Hosting does not meet the requirements of all the webmasters.

Finally, some unnecessary restrictions are kept on this web hosting package. They are five database limit, exclusion of addon domains, one website limit, and WordPress cache limitation. If you are planning to avoid all these limitations, then you need to select the most flexible hosting plan that this host provides.

However, this is the favorite host of all the users in the market that has a price of $3.90/mo, which is renewed at a price of $9.99/mo. This site is not that recommendable above providers like Hostinger.


  • Fastest Load Time 
  • Quick and Effective Support
  • Free Site Migration
  • Compatible With Common CMS’s
  • Environment-Friendly


  • Uptime could be more beneficial 
  • Restrictions on Cheapest Plan

8. iPage – ($1.99/mo)

iPage is a web hosting that brings a lot of things to the table. It has an uptime of 99.97%, upfront, and affordable pricing of $1.99/mo for the first three years. Then, it then increases to $7.99/mo. It gives you a domain names, free 24/7 live chat and over the phone, and storage, unlimited bandwidth plus, it gives you a free SSL certificate and email address. iPage has a lot more to give.

But in comparison to A2 Hosting, certain things stop iPage from getting the highest ranking on the list.

Explicitly, iPage charges its customers $17 per year each domain and $150 for each site transfer. Additionally, it provides a below average site speed that is of 787ms, which is the slowest speed given by web host in the top ten.

Moreover, iPage does not provide cPanel access to its users and the profess unlimited bandwidth and storage. But they do not entirely apparent what they claim to be.

iPage provides with unlimited hosting space and excessive MySQL files. If you are looking for fast, feature-rich, and well-equipped websites for growing your business online, then iPage does not make it to the cut. Still, it is a reliable option for beginners who want to spend less money on website hosting.


  • Influential Uptime 
  • Enhanced Security Alternatives
  • Affordable Inexpensive Hosting ($1.99/mo)
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Upfront Pricing


  • Expensive Domain Names
  • No cPanel

9. Dreamhost – ($2.59/mo)

This website has more than 400,00 active users and a hosting membership for more than 1.5 million sites. DreamHost is one of the greatest players in the web hosting game.

It is founded in 1996 and provides a starting plan of $2.59/mo for the first 12 months. Although some key issues restrict us from providing it full support.

DreamHost gives a speedy load time of 719 ms and 99.96%. It also provides its users 97-day money-back guarantee plus unlimited bandwidth. Though it lacks live chat support and typical cPanel, with due fairness, they gives their unique cPanel. All these reasons make DreamHost very tough to sell.

 So, Dreamhost does not provide anything that other website hosts provide in the same price tag.

Dream Host is a hosting firm which is in the run from the past 18 years. You get one-click WordPress install,  automatic updates, free SSDs, unlimited bandwidth, and free domain. There is no set-up fee, and It gets along over 600k websites and blogs.


  • Expert Support
  • 97-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Limitless Bandwidth
  • They’re Carbon Neutral


  • Potential Delayed Setup
  • No cPanel

10. GreenGeeks – ($2.95/mo)

It has about 99.95% uptime and a load speed of 493 ms. GreenGeeks provides a speedy hosting at a low price of $2.95/mo.

They have added feature-rich bonus, environmentally friendly practices, and high-quality customer services. Plus, it is quite amazing to see how GreenGeeks is ghastly carving out its name in the so-called competitive market, and, making it a sustainable and reliable brand name in the existing competition.

If you choose to buy an “Eco site starter,” you will be rewarded by ultimate benefits that include a free website migration, a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email accounts. Additionally, the domain is  free and valid for the first year and after that you are charged $13.95 per year.

They have a responsive customer service plus the customer service has proved to be helpful and available 24*7 through live chat, phone, or over emails.

Perversely, the next price is of $9.95/mo, and it has limited data centers that are usually located in the US and Netherlands specifically. They have a doubtfull refund policy makings which some webmasters question it out of the blue, and they choose other website host providers over choosing GreenGEeeks.


  • Good Uptime
  • Active Load Time 
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Free Domain Name & Migration


  • Higher Renewal Rates
  • Doubtful Refund Policy

Final Words

To start with, choosing the suitable option for your website is complex and unwieldy in the very beginning. There are lots of constraints that are kept in mind while picking from a large amount of hosting providers present in today’s world. You should be sure about your requirements and that the support provided by several hosting providers is classy or not. 

If you are still finding adversities selecting a suitable website host, then you should call in some of the hosting providers mentioned above. Additionally, you should enquire their support team’s questions, and if you are content by their answers and plans, then you can select them.

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