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The idea of globalization is widely adopted by most of the countries. Today, the world is heading towards the fast-moving technologies and converting everything into the digital medium.   This constant adaptation of globalization strategy has increased the economic growth of several countries away faster than before.  The international markets at present are having a tough...
Germany is one of the wealthiest countries and holds the second rank in the world in e-commerce market. The e-commerce and economy of this country is thriving. Customers of e-commerce and online spending is much higher in this country as compared to other European countries. Hence, Germany provides an excellent opportunity to the people venturing...
Mexico has one of the largest e-commerce markets among all other countries of Latin America. 88 million people are users of internet in this country. But this number accounts for only 67 percent of the total population of Mexico. E-commerce sector therefore, has a long way to go.  Currently majority of the population have a...
By revenue Australia ranks tenth in the e-commerce market in the world. The country has a total population of 25 million people out of which 21 million access the internet. 73 percent of this 21 million have bought items online in the year 2018, as per reports. The e-commerce sector of the country is a...
Canada comes under the list of top internet users in the world. The most interesting fact is that almost 90% of its population is using the internet right now. With a heavy usage of the internet comes the surfing different websites of course. Moreover, looking at Canada’s situation it can be stated that the country...
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