7 Video Editing Tips That Will Jazz Up Your Office Presentation

7 Video Editing Tips That Will Jazz Up Your Office Presentation1

Office presentations can be stressful, especially when you are someone who is not very tech-savvy and have to learn the art of making presentations in a very limited time frame. To do this, you can consider using an online video editing software rather than learning how to use new software from the start that can be comparatively much more complicated.

Along with this, there is always an added pressure of making your presentation interesting while also ensuring it has all the important information.

Video Editing Tips That Will Jazz Up Your Office Presentation

Try following these tips to achieve both these things and create an alchemy of engaging and informative content.

1. Use a professional template

If you are using online video editors to make your presentation, you have to make an important choice right in the start- regarding the template you choose. When you go to these websites, you will find that they have a plethora of templates with them, right from party invitations to formal office presentations.

Depending on the type of content you have, you need to decide what template will suit your presentation. Since this is, in fact, a formal presentation, try going for more neutral colors and tones in his presentation. This not only shows professionalism but having very bright colors in your presentation does not give away a good impression in the eyes of your viewer. Using pop colors will not bode well for you and also not suit the tone of your content.

2. Insert pictures

A formal presentation does not mean that it has to be dull, dry, and boring. You can still make it interesting to watch and visually appealing if you want to. This is done best with the help of pictures that can aid your presentation and make it easier to watch. Using pictures right at the start will also help make your content interesting. 

If, from the very start, all you can show your viewers is bullet points and text, they are bound to get bored and possibly disinterested in what you have to say, no matter how significant it is. Having pictures will also give your viewer more context into what you are planning to present and make it easier for them to understand your content.

3. Keep text at a minimum

There are mainly two types of presentations- one where you are physically present and are aiding the presentation, i.e., you are supplementing the content of your slideshow. In this case, your text has to be a minimum. It only has to comprise of one or two lines per slide, since you will already be explaining the subject matter in detail.

In another case, where you are just sending the presentation to someone, and they have to view it as it is, you can incorporate more text. But here too, make sure your text is not too excessive. Whatever you want to convey, try putting it in the form of a voiceover in the background of your slideshow rather than putting it in the form of text. This makes your video comprehensive of all important elements like sound, video, and text and makes it much more appealing to watch.

4. Make a slideshow video

Instead of using the age-old method of making slides and sending a deck to your viewer, it is advisable to make a video of sorts that runs the slides. You can make this video by using an online slideshow maker that will make your task easier. Just edit it normally as you would a video, and add equally spaced breaks for slides to change. 

This will save the receiver from the trouble of going through all slides by compressing all the important information in a single video. You don’t even need to be exceptionally skilled in video editing to make this slideshow. It is a very easy thing to do, especially now with the advent of online video editors. 

5. Avoid using too many elements

When you are making a video that is a quirky invitation or is used for some interactive brand or marketing of a product that has come out, it is good to use engaging tools like sound effects, external effects like fireworks, confetti, or even stickers and GIFs. These tools keep your content interesting and make sure the viewers keep on watching it. 

Keeping your presentation as minimalistic as possible. This will not only keep your presentation classy but also simplifies it a lot. Adding a lot of effects can make your content gaudy and unappealing. It does not give a professional look to your video while and is unsuitable for any formal event.

6. Infographics are key

Sometimes, you might have a lot of information to fit in a single slide. Talking about it orally might also not feel like a very good option. In cases like these, consider putting all of this information in the form of an infographic. Infographics are usually presented in the form of a graphic that also showcases important data. The main highlight of having this is that it makes your data easily readable.

With the help of arrows, bullet points, and easy to decipher the information, infographics certainly make the job very easy both for the presenter and the viewer. They give some spice to your content and bring a change to it from the usual slides that every presentation will have.

7. Don’t bombard your viewer with data

It is understandable that as this is an official presentation, the whole point might be to make the projections of the company clear. You might also want to point out the growth of your company, and all of these things obviously deal with a whole lot of data.

But it is also important to remember that while you might want to put in data, it can be very stressful to process so much of it together. Simplify it as much as possible, and space it out throughout your presentation rather than putting it all either at the start or the beginning of your presentation.


Whatever the situation is, office presentations can be made both interesting and informative at the same time. All you need is a little bit of perseverance and willingness to learn. 

These tips will not only make your content better but also help you stand out among other peers that might be doing similar presentations. So, without any further ado, start working on your presentation and make it the best one you’ve had so far!

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